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Microsoft Origami Project

Blame Robert Scoble for starting this story when somebody asked him what it’s all about and, because of NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), he could only reply that it was device. Take a guess yourself by visiting http://www.origamiproject.com/1/ – note that all will be revealed on Mar 2. Engadget thinks it knows what it’s all about by the way.
Update 2223: Mike Torres is speculating about the Origami project – well, more like hinting as to what it is. However Bink has a post Origami revealed! with a link to a company that apparently was/is (the link may be down by the time you read this) doing some promotion for this new device from Microsoft. Of course, you could leave all the speculation aside and just wait for the day all will be revealed as given at the Origami Project site.

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