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Windows Defender (formerly Microsoft Antispyware)

webDotWiz has been recommending Microsoft Antispyware to users from the time it became freely available. Although defined as a beta, that is, a trial version of software, it’s been extremely good at finding any spyware and the automatic updating and daily checking are of the "set it and forget it" – it does the job without worries so users aren’t left unprotected.
Just the other day Microsoft Antispyware became Windows Defender (as it will be called in Windows Vista) and it’s now running happily on webDotWiz’s home computer and all the Rushworth Community House computers too. So go and update if you’ve been running MS Antispyware or download and start using Windows Defender to guard against malware and spyware. Users of MS Antispyware will note a change to the user interface, there are no more Allow/Block messages and it seems that Defender runs first thing if the scheduled time for checking hasn’t been carried out (that’s the good thing about AVG anti-virus too – they work well together). Go to the Windows Defender download page now.

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