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Windows Live OneCare now available

Windows Live OneCare is now available as a retail product. You can start off, however, with a free 90 day trial and later pay for the service. Note payment for Live OneCare is for up to three computers under the same account (i.e., Windows Live ID).

webDotWiz has decided to try out the service via the free 90-day trial offer. OneCare consists of a anti-virus scanner, anti-spyware scanner (Windows Defender) and an improved two-way firewall (unlike the standard XP firewall which is only one-way). The first step in the installation checks your computer for what security services you’re already running (e.g., it found AVG free edition and unininstalled it on webDotWiz’s machine) before installing the OneCare package.

For a full list of what OneCare does, see the Service overview page at the OneCare site and to keep up to date with news from the OneCare team, visit their Space.

Live Safety Centre goes global

The Windows Live Safety Center at http://safety.live.com is a free online antivirus and anti-spyware scanning service to rid your computer of nasties. The team has just announced that it’s now available in 43 languages with more to come.

By the way, if you’re using Live Messenger, check the Activities menu tab because you may find you can help out family and friends by running a Safety scan for them inside their copy of Live Messenger. Here are the details.

Talking about OneCare now certified by ICSA and WCL

WindowsLive OneCare is a full service to protect your computer and when the full service begins, it will become very attractive, both in features and price, for individuals and organisations. Reports indicate OneCare offers excellent protection against viruses and malware and keeps your computer tuned for best performance.



OneCare now certified by ICSA and WCL

Windows Live OneCare – ICSA Labs and WCL Labs certified

My name is Girish Bablani and I am the engineering manager for Windows Live OneCare. Yoav thought it would be interesting for some of the managers on the OneCare effort to share their thoughts on the product and so here I am.


I have been a reader of this space and now am really excited to be blogging on it as well. I think this forum is invaluable for exchanging views between the people working on the product and you who are really helping us make the product better.


Today I will talk about 2 things – Windows Live OneCare earning industry certifications and share a personal experience with OneCare Advisories.


Windows Live OneCare becomes a certified service

First, we have some great news to share.  The final version of Windows Live OneCare – coming soon to a retail store near you – has been certified by ICSA Labs as an effective solution to combat viruses and other forms of malicious code as well as providing a quality firewall service. In addition, OneCare has achieved West Coast Lab’s Checkmark certification, meeting the lab’s criteria for protection against malware.  These certifications are evidence of our commitment to deliver a comprehensive, quality PC Care product and another key milestone in the product development process.


For those of you unfamiliar with the certification process – in short, it is an official recognition from an independent 3rd party organization that OneCare is effective in helping protect your PC from malware.  This means that our customers can be more confident than ever that OneCare is effectively helping protect their PCs.  We’ve worked hard to achieve this important certification and we’re thrilled that we get to share this news with all of you.  This is a major milestone and we thank you – our customers – for helping us get there. We also want to thank our partner teams for helping us get there – see Matt Braverman’s blog for more on this topic:  http://blogs.technet.com/antimalware/archive/2006/05/25/430279.aspx


Windows Live OneCare Advisory – A Story

Second, I wanted to share a story with you which was very motivating for me and keeps on reminding me how much we can simplify a customer’s life by having a service backing up our software. If you remember in late November there was an attack with a new variant of the Sober worm which was characterized as the biggest virus outbreak ever by some media. The story on the attack and the virus was all over the media, and of course people who read or heard the news were nervous about whether they were protected or not. One such person happened to be my neighbor. He was someone who I had persuaded to install OneCare. Anyway to cut a long story short, when our operations team realized that the Sober news was blanketing the world they sent out an advisory that stated that if a OneCare machine was “green” it

MSN Spaces is world’s largest blogging service

REDMOND, Wash. — May 24, 2006 — MSN® Spaces is the most widely used blogging service worldwide with more than 100 million unique visitors, according to data released today by comScore Networks Inc. of Reston, Va., an independent Internet audience measurement and consulting company.

For the full story, see Moz@Work’s Space where he explains how the figures were obtained by comScore.

Live.com updated

Live.com has been/is being updated to improve performance and add a couple of features requested by users. webDotWiz thought he was having a memory loss when the titles of his feeds appeared in a larger font and the colour theme is only applied to a strip across the bottom of the each feed’s module.

Here are the changes and things we can now do:

  • create folders in My Stuff to be able to organise our feed sources
  • drag and drop gadgets between different pages (simply drag the gadget’s title, when you’ve got a four-arrowed cursor, onto the the destination page title)
  • gadgets can be renamed (useful if you have, for example, two different weather forecasts)

The Live.com team blog has more info, including details of the major update to the SDK for gadget developers.

Via Liveside.net where, by the way, Chris has the following piece of advice:

Top tip: Don’t try finding out what the maximum number of pages you can have on your live.com is. Adding a page takes one click, removing a page takes 3 clicks (or 2 clicks and pressing enter). I found this out the hard way. Incidentally, I got to several hundred before giving up.

Traffic around Seattle, WA in Live Local

Here’s a link to a mashup of traffic conditions tied in with traffic webcams around Seattle, Washington USA. This is one of the samples given in the announcement of the update to Windows Live Local yesterday (Australian time). Hover your mouse over any one of the blue pushpins to bring up a small info box containing the traffic webcam at that particular location. Depending on the time of day, you’ll get a view of traffic conditions. Note: Seattle is in the Pacific Daylight Savings Time Zone (17 hours behind Australian Eastern Time).

MSN Spaces has 100 million unique visitors

ActiveWin.com has reported:

MSN® Spaces is the most widely used blogging service worldwide with more than 100 million unique visitors, according to data released today by comScore Networks Inc. of Reston, Va., an independent Internet audience measurement and consulting company.

comScore World Metrix’s proprietary audience report for April 2006 showed the total number of unique visitors to MSN Spaces has more than doubled in the past 12 months, from 41.65 million to 101 million.* Figures compiled by comScore Media Metrix indicate that during April 2006, nearly one in seven Internet users worldwide had visited MSN Spaces.

Via Liveside.

webDotWiz’s location on Live Local

Here’s the link to webDotWiz’s place on Waranga Basin as shown by the aerial view in Windows Live Local – . For another view which is much closer taken from a plane a couple of months ago, see the photo album at the Waranga Basin Space.

World Cup 2006 Live Local collection

Here’s the link to a collection on Windows Live Local that gives info about the participating teams in World Cup 2006. Courtesy of Pass the POI.

Windows Live Local Collections from Pass the POI

Here’s a wide range of Collections for the updated Windows Live Local – www.passthepoi.com. And have just noticed that there’s a tutorial at Pass the POI on how to make Collections on Windows Live Local.