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Monthly Archives: August 2006

More visitor tools on Spaces

webDotWiz has just noticed that visitors to our Spaces has more tools available – the list now consists of:

  • Subscribe to RSS feed
  • Tell a friend
  • Add to My MSN (new)
  • Add to Live.com (new) – i.e., add a feed from this Space to your own personalised Live.com page
  • Send to Mobile (new)



Windows Marketplace is on the air with a new look

Windows Marketplace has a new look.

It’s the place to go when you’re looking for software and hardware for Windows – games, downloads for your mobile, security, design and graphics, music and video.

There’s plenty of free software to download, including games, of course.

The Digital Locker is a new addition and it allows you to find, purchase, download and store software titles from numerous retailers.

At the moment there’s 20% off the top 20 games downloads.


Network Connection Error when publishing entry to Live Spaces from Live Writer

A number of Live Writer users have been faced with a Network Connection Error when they’ve gone to Publish their entry to their Live Space.

One possible solution is offered on the Windows Live Writer discussion forum namely that the picture size may be too large (for some reason or another) – here’s what one user reported:

Well, after a bit more investigation, my problem appears to be linked to uploading pictures.

I was trying to embed a PNG file of 144KB in the post. I had set up writer to upload images to the weblog rather than using an FTP site. When I removed the image from the post, the blog entry uploaded. I also tried this with a smaller JPG file (70KB). The post did upload. Then I tried with a larger JPG (100KB). It failed again.

So, I changed to using an FTP site for images and posting has worked since then.

Hope this helps others



It’s worth trying this solution.


More games for Windows Live Messenger

Many moons ago, the Rushworth Community House webDotWizards used to have time to have a game or two via MSN Messenger (as it was called in those times – now it’s called Windows Live Messenger) during a Tuesday evening or Friday morning webDotWizards session (Not any more – webDotWiz works us all very hard: updating our Spaces, adding photos, adding sites to our Live Favorites, making Live Local collections – it’s all work, work, work, but with lots of fun. Anonymous.).

Well, Debbie at Inside Live Messenger has news about the most popular games we play against our family and friends on Messenger and how her small team are developing new games.

In fact, to make life simple and so you can keep up to date with announcements of new games in Live Messenger, all you need do is visit New Messenger Games or, better, add a feed to your Live.com page.

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Windows Live Essentials – central point for Live services

At the moment there’s no central point to hear about new Windows Live services (e.g., do you kinow how many there are, either in full release or in beta/trial release? Of course, you can use a feed from here to learn about most of them <G>).

All that is to be remedied soon with the launch of Windows Live Essentials.

Here’s the latest news from Liveside:

Windows Live Essentials is an upcoming product that will be the Windows Live equivalent of the Google Pack; allowing for one-click installations as well as providing update notifications for the individual products. With a central control panel (Windows Live Dashboard) providing information on the various Windows Live application, Essentials should eventually allow automated installations.
While the product won’t necessarily be used by the more technically advanced users, especially those in the betas, it will no doubt benefit the vast majority.
Essentials also has some pluses for Microsoft. Smaller Windows Live products can take advantage of increased exposure and applications are more likely to stay current. There is also the "small" benefit of getting Windows Live products preinstalled on Vista machines via OEMs, as Google have done recently with their toolbar.
Update: We got confused with our names. Dashboard appears to be part of Windows Live Essentials. Post edited slightly to reflect this.



WLWPlugins.com – get your Live Writer plugins

There’s now one place to for Windows Live Writer plugins – WLWPlugins.com.

JefTek.com has been tracking new plugins until now but he’s now going to leave that job to WLWPlugins.com.

Another site to keep an eye on is CodePlex’s Windows Live Writer Plugins section.

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Windows Live Wifi Suite begins – Hotspot Locator

The first part of the Windows Live Wifi Suite is now available – a Hotspot Locator (http://hotspot.live.com).

As the Hotspot site says:

With 106,978 free and paid WiFi hotspots in 99 countries, our Hotspot Locator makes it easy to locate wireless Internet access around the globe. Use the View on Map feature to see your search results on a map powered by Virtual Earth.

Here’s zero search results for Rushworth but there are plenty for Coburg (5 km).

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Windows Live OneCare Family Safety trial beginning next week

Bink has news that Windows Live service no. 43 will begin trialling next week. Eventually http://familysafety.live.com will be, er you know, live :).

Live Drive storage not far away?

From Liveside:

There’s also news about Live Drive coming from Tech-Ed in Auckland. Expect Live Drive to make an appearance soon. LiveSide readers have been telling us that interesting things are happening at http://drive.live.com, although nothing is up there yet. CNET reports that Microsoft Australia technical specialist John Hodgson says that "the basic Live Drive was likely to include around 2 gigabytes of storage for free", with additional storage capacity available for purchase. Also worthy of note is that "the new service can be mapped directly from PCs running …Vista", according to CNET. This is the first example of a Vista/Windows Live "works better together" scenario.

webDotWiz has installed Internet Explorer 7 RC1

It didn’t take that long – webDotWiz only has an ISDN connection so the 14.5Mb download isn’t too painful. IE7 beta 3 was automatically uninstalled as part of the install of IE7 RC1 (Release Candidate 1).

The longest amount of time was taken after the first boot when IE7 RC1 actually installs all its bits and pieces (core files and updates). Then there’s a second boot/restart and all is well and good in the world.

If you have any troubles installing if you’ve been using IE7 beta 1 or beta 2 then check out the IEBlog.

While at the IEBlog, get the Internet Explorer 7 Quck Reference Guide and keep it handy until you’ve become accustomed to all the short-cut keys you want to use.

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