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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Writer Plugins/Extensions at Windows Live Gallery

What we used to call plugins are now named Extensions and they have their own section at Live Gallery.

You may or may not be able to access the Gallery’s Writer Extensions section while they’re loading it up so be patient. In time you should also be able to get there from the opening page of Live Gallery.


Notes on previous post using Live Writer update

webDotWiz’s previous post was supposed to show you how text wraps around a picture (which has been set to the left and a right margin set to allow the text to be placed away from the pic). Obviously he forgot about the width of his blog column in his layout (which, by the way, is not precilsy reproduced in Live Writer) so the text is right up against the picture but at least this feature now works in Live Writer.

Perhaps he should change his layout…

By the way, an Insert Tags… is in Live Writer by default. Using it, here’s what you get:

Windows Live Writer updated today

Download the update to Live Writer from the Live Writer team Space (you can’t miss the big, green Download button).

This is webDotWiz’s first post using the update but a couple of things he immediately noticed:

  • Live Writer loaded faster
  • The categories list is ordered alphabetically and can be scrolled
  • The Insert pane contains all the plugins that webDotWiz has installed
  • The Title line can be accessed from the body of your post with SHIFT-TAB/TAB
  • Copy and paste into the Title now works
  • Uploading of photos in a post has been improved (we’re about to test )
  • Live Gallery has a special section devoted to Live Writer plugins.

Set a right margin (bit big) so could enter this text. Now we’ll publish and see what happens.



240 million + 110 million = 350 million messaging community

Without having to install a new version Live Messenger, the agreement between Microsoft and Yahoo! has created a messaging community of 350 million active accounts as of today.

That means you can mess with your Yahoo! friends from Live Messenger and they can mess you from Yahoo! Messenger.

Via Liveside.

Some humour – Messenger videos on Soapbox

Nicole of Inside Windows Live Messenger has a post with links to a couple of videos on MSN Soapbox, Messenger Bottle (sholdn’t it be Message in a Bottle?) being the funniest.

Live Gallery updated – 2 new sections

Live Gallery now has a section for Writer plugins and SideShow gadgets. The latter only work on Vista and their function is to give information regardless of the device. E.g., you could have a small display screen on your notebook which you can use to get your next appointment, even though you might not have booted Vista.

Oops – just checked and the  Writer plugins section is not showing up and the SideShow section is being updated. You’ll have to check Live Gallery later.

Security update released today

Those with XP automatic updates turned on will notice a new update which patches a security hole in the VML (vector markup language) engine on Windows.

Full details of the patch are in this security bulletin (MS06-055).

Wallop – a new social networking site

You can read about Wallop on many sites, including here. See what a personalised Wallop site looks like via this link.

Rushworth to Melbourne Live Local collection

 Here’s a collection of sights and memories along the Goulburn Valley highway and Hume Highway/Freeway from Rushworth to Melbourne.


My Live Local collection

Rushworth, Victoria, Australia
We’re starting here for our day out in Melbourne. We’re going to drive across to Murchison, join the Goulburn Valley Highway and continue down to Seymour, then onto the Hume Freeway to Melbourne.

Another way to go to Melbourne
Before the highway south of Nagambie was upgraded, we used to go to Melbourne via Colbinabbin, Heathcote, Toobarak, Lancefield, Romsey and Sunshine. That’d bring us in at Tullamarine airport.

Another way to Melbourne
If you travel south to Whroo, you can take the "back road" through the forest to Nagambie. Alternatively, you can continue through the forest to Graytown then onto Heathcote.

Cross the Goulburn River
There aren’t that many places where you can cross the Goulburn. Northwards, the next is on the Rushworth-Toolamba Road, then Shepparton, and then further north, on the Murray Valley Highway.

T-intersection – very dangerous
The map doesn’t show the "old" Goulburn Valley Highway but it runs alongside the railway line (shown). The upgraded, four-lane highway is shown to the east. We travel directly south for a short distance alongside the railway line and meet it. Before the highway"

Your scratch pad has been truncated.

More towns/cities can be added to the weather gadget

As you can see from the weather gadget, webDotWiz has been able to show the weather for Echuca.

If you change to Rushworth, you’ll get the weather for Shepparton. Depending on the day, especially in summer, Echuca seems to be closer to what we can expect in Rushworth.

But why bother choosing – have both or as many as you like.