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Soapbox Video Player is the easiest

Once you’ve asked for and been accepted to try out Soapbox on MSN Video, you can add the Soapbox Video Player to your Space so visitors can view your own videos.

The Soapbox Video Player is the easiest of the player gadgets to deal with – there are no complicated embed codes to copy and paste to get things to work.

To add the Soapbox Video Player to your own Space, simply click the + on the top right of the player on webDotWiz’s Space. A drop down lets you choose to add the gadget to your own Space and from there all you need do after your own Space opens is to move the player to where you want it on your own page and click Save in the yellow reminder bar that pops up. Then click the Install button. Click on the top right (not very well seen because of the yellow colour on the black background) of the player to choose which videos you want played. Normally you’ll want to choose My Videos. Otherwise, until you create some of your own videos (e.g., from photos using Photo Story), watch some videos at Soapbox and mark ones you like – they’ll automatically go into your favorites – so choose My Favorites.

If you’ve got videos on another service such as YouTube you’ll need the universal player named Video Player for Soapbox. You can get this one from the Soapbox team’s space.


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