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Muse can help you blog to your Space

Add Muse to your Messenger contacts, have a yarn and get some ideas for topics for your Space.

In Messenger go to Add contacts and enter musebot@live.com.

Before your blog entry can be added to your Space when you’re having a chat with Muse, you’ll need to have email publishing enabled.

To set up your Space so you can add entries via email, go to Options. Then choose E-mail publishing from the choices on the left pane.

  • tick the box alongside Turn on e-mail publishing
  • enter a secret word – it gets added to an email address which you use to send new entries to your Space
  • enter as many as 3 email addresses from which you’ll be able to post entries and/or photos to your Space
  • choose a unique keyword for the photo album you’re going to post new photos to (note the help text in red – it’ll remain until you’ve entered the correct info on this line)
  • all the various email addresses are set up for you and you can copy them from the bottom of the page
  • click Save

Now you’re ready to let Muse help with adding a new entry to your Space when you think there’s nothing to say.

Scroll down in the Muse pane to get the Save as draft or Save to Space options.

Have fun

Via Liveside.

New Soapbox video player

Via The Soapbox Team Space.

The latest Soapbox video player gadget for Live Spaces and Live.com is the most comprehensive one available and it’s worth the bit of pain to remove others on your Space or Live.com page and replace it with this latest one.

To install it on your own Space, click the blue + sign at the top right of the player module over there at the top right of the page. Choose Add to your Space from the drop down list of options and do the usual once your Space loads (move it to the right-hand side of your page, click the Install this gadget button, and Save the changes to your Space by clicking the the Save button on the yellow warning strip at the top).

The new player appears on your Space (or Live.com page) as:

Because you’ll be signed in to your Space, you’ll see a Settings button at the top right of the player module. Click this and you can choose what videos you want to show when visitors come to your Space.

Just note that, if you choose to list your own videos or favorites from Soapbox, you’ll have to go to your Profile in My Soapbox (at Soapbox) to get your personal ID – it’s a big jumble of letters and numbers after …user=. Copy and paste this into the input box in the player.

For example, if you want the playlist to consist of your videos on Soapbox, you’ll see:

This new player is not only useful to visitors to your Space but it’s a convenient, alternative way instead of going into the Soapbox site itself.

Once you’ve chosen a video to play by clicking on its thumbnail,  the module fills with the video display area. To return to your playlist, click the X at the top right of the playing display.

Windows Live and Windows Mobile 6

Just the other day Microsoft announced its latest operating system for mobile phones, Windows Mobile 6.

Windows Live services are part of Mobile 6: Live Messenger, Live Mail, Live Search and, yes, Live Spaces – see Windows Live for Windows Mobile.

There are a couple of interesting things you can do from your mobile with Mobile 6, such as sending photos directly from your phone to one of your Spaces photo albums.

This post from Mike’s Lounge explains how to do the above before Mobile 6 was announced – as long as your mobile has got email you’ll be ok.

Via Mike Torres (who is using one of Live Spaces’ new themes).

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MSN Soapbox now available to everybody

The days of waiting and hoping your invite would come through so you could view, upload, share, and use the other features on MSN Soapbox Video, are over – MSN Soapbox is now open to everybody as a public trial.

Just go to http://soapbox.msn.com, sign in with your Live ID (if you haven’t already through Live Messenger) and enjoy all of Soapbox’s video features.


Remember to do a search for all the videos that the webDotWizards have uploaded – search for Rushworth and you’ll get them.

Via Soapbox team space.

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New themes for Live Spaces

The Live Spaces team have announced that there are twelve new themes now available for Live Spaces.

Make sure you’re signed in and in edit mode then click Customize to check them out.

Here’s the list (via The Space Craft):

· Street Graffiti

Music and entertainment:
· Music Machine

· Cat Tails
· Garden Lawn
· Moon set

· Ropes

· Light Stream
· Tiles
· Wallpaper Stripes

· LeBron Book
· LeBron Graffiti
· LeBron Hoops
· King James
· Slick LeBron

and a screenshot of what they look like:


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Windows Live Mail desktop update

There’s a new build of Windows Live Mail desktop available which improves some of its internal workings so you won’t see much difference from the earlier version (perhaps the icons across the top toolbar have been updated ?).

You get this latest update from the Microsoft Windows Update site (updates.microsoft.com).

Click on Custom in the left navigation pane and wait while the updater checks your system. It’ll pop up and tell you that there’s an update to WLMd and you can now go ahead and let the updater download and install. The update is about 13Mb in size.

We’ll be probably seeing more Live service desktop applications updated via Microsoft Windows Update (including Windows Live Messenger).

Via Windows Live Mail desktop team space.

A final note: webDotWiz lost the shortcut to WLMd in the Start menu but Windows XP had enough sense to automatically bring up the Internet Options dialogue; he chose the Programs tab and he was able to set his default mail app to WLMd from there. You’ll see there’s a note about this on the above link to the WLMd team space.

Windows Live Hotmail is the new name for Live Mail

While the million or so testers (that number includes the volunteers and webDotWizards at Rushworth Community House) have known the new Hotmail as Windows Live Mail for several months, there are all the other 239 million users who have always known Hotmail as… Hotmail.

So it’s been decided that, when the final version of the new Hotmail rolls out to everybody around the world, the formal name will be Windows Live Hotmail. Not a bad compromise really, since webDotWiz has had a Hotmail account since 1999 and would like to be able to say in another couple of years that he’s had a Hotmail account for ten years.

Via Windows Liva Mail Hotmail team blog/space, Dare, Liveside.

Live Search Maps collection – Best U.S. Railways

This collection is not complete so you can call it an ongoing project. The info is coming from various issues of Trains magazine (www.trainsmag.com).


My Live Search Maps collection

Mackinaw City, Cheboygan, Michigan, United States

Altoona, Pennsylvania, United States

Horseshoe Curve
Well-known location up from Altoona. Celebrated 150 years in 2004.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States

Enola Yard, Harrisburg, PA
Norfolk Southern owns this yard. Plenty of freight waiting for classification and a train to take it to its final destination.

Three Mile Island

The concrete arch 2,375 feet long Tunkhannock Bridge is somewhere around here. I’ll get the exact location another day (I have it in another collection).

Sand Patch, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States
Probably the correct location. The grade on the former Baltimore and Ohio was so named for the run between Pittsburg, PA, and Cumberland, MD. Now sees about 40 CSX trains per day.

Amblersburg, Preston, West Virginia, United States
Most severe grade on CSX’s Cranberry Grade, which begins at Rowlesburg (1,402 feet elevation). Amblersburg is on a 1,600 foot curve with gradient of 1.75%, increasing to 2.2% at the end of the curve.Then all the way up to Terra Alta, the gradient is at"

Your scratch pad has been truncated.

Australia Day 2007 – images on Look Up and Smile!

These are a couple of images in high-def that were taken on Australia Day for the Look Up and Smile! collection of events for the day.

Firstly, at Kirra Beach, Qld, they celebrated 100 years of Surf Living clubs in Australia:

The Opera House also featured:

Note: links above take you directly to the map view at Look Up and Smile!