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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Sites 31-Aug-2007 – new photo features in Live Spaces, a new Windows Media Player viz, about social networks

It’s Friday!


Sites 30-Aug-2007 – Vista service pack, Katrina, Silverlight, Train Simulator

Today’s list of sites:

Sites 29-Aug-2007 – Live Maps imagery updates, Live ID, Robotics Studio

Today’s list:

Sites 28-Aug-2007 – Lunar eclipse, Halo 3 video, daleks, Live Custom Domains

Today’s sites.

If you’re here early enough, you can either go outside to watch the lunar eclipse (weather permitting) or view it on The EclipseCam or the James Cook University cam.

Sites 27-Aug-2007 – more Live Maps 3D cities, spam slam

Today’s list:

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Sites for 26-Aug-2007 – some Windows Live news and updates – Messenger Cafe, Live Trueswitch, CardSpace

A list of sites announcing new Windows Live services or hinting at what’s to come:

Sites for 25-Aug-2007 and 26-Aug-2007 – BioShock, fun flowcharts, Penny Arcade Expo

Some sites that wizzed across webDotWiz’s desktop over the weekend:

Sites for 23-Aug-2007 and 24-Aug-2007 – more Winfixer problems, Tafiti, Telstra, Outlook tips, Office tutorials

The list for yesterday and today:

Sites for 21-Aug-2007, 22-Aug-2007 – Live Maps updates, Tafiti, warning about ads on whitepages.com, spam

Some sites that webDotWiz came across yesterday and today while on his web wanderings.

Try Tafiti which uses Live Search and Silverlight for the interface and get a different experience when searching.

Note the warnings about Winfixer-type ads on Whitepages.com.

Sites for 20-Aug-2007 – Live Mail as RSS reader, Expression Blend trial, Hurricane Dean

A short list today but make sure you read Brandon LeBlanc’s post about using Windows Live Mail to read RSS feeds (it saves webDotWiz from writing up a how-to – but just for the moment because he needs to spell out what he does so you get another way of doing things).

Note: if you’re reading this in a day or two’s time then the link to Hurricane Dean’s progress and status will have changed (it may have even dissipated).