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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Sites Thu 31-Jan-2008 – Patriots, Live Messenger, Windows XP service pack 3

More sites to take up your browsing time:

Gillette Stadium, home of the Patriots
Gillette Stadium, home of the Patriots

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Sites Wed 30-Jan-2008 – School, Superbowl, Live Maps, Twitter, Tablet PC

Today’s sites to take your mind off the humid weather (well, that’s what we’ve got here in Northern Victoria):

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Sites Tue 29-Jan-2008 – School resources, LEGO, Windows Live

A nice short list of sites for today:

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Sites Mon 28-Jan-2008 – Photo Info, Silverlight, Time

Today’s list of sites that webDotWiz thinks you might find interesting as well:

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Sites Sun 27-Jan-2008 – new Live Maps imagery, Popfly, Star Trek, XBox LIVE

Just a few sites today but some images from another large imagery update to Live Maps.

Here’s Ogden, Nebraska, in normal, bird’s eye and 3D view:




Finally, Shanghai:


Do some of your own exploring on Live Maps – it’s quite engrossing to view a lot of the world from your own armchair.

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Sites Sat 26-Jan-2008 – Australia Day, India Republic Day, Office, FlightSim, Live Writer, Live Maps

Today’s list of sites. Special events today include Australia Day and India Republic Day (preceding links should take you to Wikipedia; links have been inserted using ScottIsAFool’s Live Writer Insert Wikipedia plugin).

The following are courtesy of Boing Boing:

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Sites Fri 25-Jan-2008 – Vista vulnerabilities, Education, Internet radio

Today’s sites:

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Sites Thu 24-Jan-2008 – The Bulletin magazine, typing, Australian Tennis Open, FlightSim, Tour Downunder, Vista

Here is today’s list of site addresses to keep your browser busy:

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Sites Wed 23-Jan-2008 – Outlook, Aussie copyright, Daytona, Mercury, 2007 Office

Today’s list of site links. Have you ever wondered where webDotWiz gets them from? Well, he’s got a fairly long list of blogs that he’s subscribed to via the RSS subscribe feature in Internet Explorer 7. Then, because webDotWiz is using Windows Live Mail, all he has to do is sit back, wait for the latest bits added to these sites to arrive in the Unread feeds section of Live Mail, pick what looks interesting, and view those pages that pique webDotWiz’s curiosity. Easy.

Anyway, here are today’s mixture (make sure you have a look at Mercury‘s horizon):

Daytona International Speedway
Daytona International Speedway

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Sites Tue 22-Jan-2008 – Office clipart, schools, Live Maps, games

Today’s sites (the article on BBC News that all U.K. secondary students aged 11 to 14 years will have to attend cookery classes is interesting):

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