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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Sites Mon 31-Mar-2008 – Camera lenses, Word 2007, Excel 2007

Today’s list of sites – a short list for a change:

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Sites Sun 30-Mar-2008 – Earth Hour, Heathrow, SharedView, Office Live Workspace, Cycling, Swimming

Today’s sites:

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Sites Sat 29-Mar-2008 – SharedView, Live FolderShare

Today’s shortish list of sites:

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Sites Fri 28-Mar-2008 – Malvertisements, Windows Search, Live Spaces, Live QnA, Popfly, Live Calendar, Live Maps 3D

Today’s list of sites including more news from Sandi about malvertisements:

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Sites Thu 27-Mar-2008 – Computer history, Easter at Rushworth, Live Maps, Live Hotmail, Live Spaces, Live Photo Gallery

Today’s list of sites for your browsing curiosity:

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Sites Wed 26-Mar-2008 – Live Messenger, WiMax, Office Live Workspace, OneNote, South Park, Malware

Today’s list:

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Sites Tue 25-Mar-2008 – more malvetisements, learn Office, Live Maps imagery update

Today’s list of links:

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Sites Mon 24-Mar-2008 – Malicious ads, Mars, PowerPoint

Today’s list of sites:

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Office Live Workspace – view contents of a file

Office Live Workspace has a built-in file content viewer so you can browse the contents of Excel, Word and PowerPoint files in your documents workspace.

So load your Office Live Workspace in your browser and you’ll have a list of files. Here’s one such list:


Now hover your mouse over a file whose contents you want to view – webDotWiz is hovering over an Excel file called FCalc 2.0 Diesel or Electric Locomotive.xls in the screenshot above. NOte the options on the popup: View, Open in Microsoft Office Excel, Share, Rename. Let’s use the View option – hover over this choice and it underlines as a cue before clicking:


So click View and the spreadsheet opens for viewing.

Note that the graph, part of the spreadsheets, is also displayed, even the tooltip associated with the graph:


Before closing the document, click in the title of the document (it’ll be highlighted with a different coloured box) to change the name of the file if you want to:


A click on the line below the name of the file (where it says to click…) enables you to enter some keywords to describe the content of the file:


When you’ve finished viewing, go to the toolbar and use the Close button to close the viewing session and get back to your document listing in your workspace:


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Sites Sat 22-Mar-2008 – BBC microcomputer, Vista SP1, Apple, malverts

Today’s sites:

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