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Show me the way to Amarillo

Remember the days when an atlas was compulsory on the school book list? Then we had homework that consisted mainly finding capital cities, rivers and mountains. We traced maps out of our atlas and coloured them in (tracing paper was another tool we required in those times).

Now that we have web resources such as Live Maps (Live Search Maps to give it its full name – you’ll see why in a minute) we can locate a city and, in a whiz, have a list of restaurants, plumbers, hotels and theatres all located on the map we’re viewing.

We can search for towns, cities, regions and landmarks – and plumbers, electricians or takeaways (that’s where the Search in Live Search Maps comes into the picture).


The businesses or locations we search for will be clearly displayed on our Live Map and as we pan the map, new items will be displayed from our search query. For example, try searching for hotels around your local town and then pan the map to another nearby town or city. By the way, the way this works is that Live Maps shows those businesses who have registered with Yellowpages.

Our school atlas couldn’t give us directions from, say, our home to our relatives in our capital city. So obtaining driving directions is another feature of the web’s online maps. You can try obtaining directions from your home to the MCG when your team reaches the Grand Final.

On Live Maps, a click on the Collections button opens up more possibilities. Leaving aside the ability to add various locations to your own list which you can save and thus come back to at a later time, there is a set of drawing tools.


These tools enable you to carry out tasks such as finding the straight line distance between two places or the area of  selected region of the map. For example, you could obtain the length of the street you live in or the area of your house block.



Perhaps you’re looking at buying some real estate and want to do some checking for yourself – put Live Maps to work to obtain the information you need. In fact you’ll find that more real estate agents are using Live Maps to show off the properties they have for sale or rent.

Naturally big events have their place in the world of maps. So, for example, the BBC have an interactive map of all the locations where the various sports will be held in Beijing and you can spend some time familiarising yourself with the city. If sport is not your thing, in Live Maps go to the Collections button and choose Explore collections to plan your next overseas trip.

Homework: how many banks are available in the Amarillo area?

Here are some sites you should browse to see more about what webDotWiz has mentioned above:


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