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Riding the Windows Live wave

There’s a long list of Windows Live services at Liveside.net but today we’ll just look at a couple of them, namely Windows Live Calendar, Windows Live Skydrive and Office Live Workspace.

There’s been a calendar in Live Hotmail from the year dot but it’s been fairly basic in what it can do and hasn’t been updated a great deal for years. Windows Live Calendar is a completely new service and is far more modern in design and in how it works.

Clicking the Calendar link in your Hotmail now gives you the option to change over to the trial version of Live Calendar. Alternatively, you can go directly to Live Calendar at calendar.live.com, sign in and get started.

The first job is to choose your time zone:


You can choose whether to view your calendar in day, week or month view. Let’s use day view and add a couple of appointments and events. Here’s what you see when you’re in day view and if you’re familiar with the old calendar, you’ll be looking for the task pane to carry out tasks such as making an entry.


Well, in Live Calendar the calendar page is completely interactive so let’s click on the 900 time slot:


Now click on Add to enter an appointment or event that’s timed to begin at 900:


Note that you’ve got a choice of which calendar you’re going to add this event to – yes, that’s right, you can have different calendars, such as family birthdays, school holidays, public holidays, Olympic events, and more. In fact you can subscribe to calendars from several sites such as Mark This Date.

Clicking on Add more details opens a page where you can enter more information in relation to this event including the option to flag it as recurring during the year (e.g. weekly, fortnightly, and so on):


Notice you can receive alerts to your Hotmail if you want a reminder (set the appropriate time or number of days before the event). When you’ve entered the data, click Save at the bottom or top of the window.

As well as the new interface, Live Calendar gives you various choices as to how you may want to print out a view of your calendar (day, week or month).

Finally notice you can have many different calendars so as to separate out your events and appointments and, using the top toolbar, you can share any of these calendars with people on your contact list.

Surfing over the Live Calendar wave, let’s take a quick look at Live Skydrive since it’s now got a new folder included, namely your Favorites, where you can create and update a list of your favourite sites.


Since you can use Skydrive wherever you have an Internet connection, you can now access your favourite sites from any computer.

Once you’ve signed in, click on the Favorites folder icon to open a window where you can begin to create a link to a favourite site.


Enter the data (or use copy and paste to enter the web address) and click Create.



Over time you can build up your list of favourite sites that you want available wherever you have Internet access.

The last wave to catch is a reminder that Office Live Workspace is another free Live service that enables you to have access to your Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents as well as others wherever you have Internet access. As well, you can share documents with others so you can set up a group so everybody has ready access to the latest versions of documents.

Here are some sites that will help you get started:


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