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Updated Windows Live programs released – webDotWiz’s highlights

The big news today is the release of new trial (beta) versions of all programs in the Windows Live Suite (the Wave 3 release, to use a bit of jargon).

You can download all of the suite from http://download.live.com or pick just the one(s) you want to install. Go and get them all as webDotWiz has done. From what’s he tried so far, they are all stable and he hasn’t had any problems on either Windows Vista and Windows XP. On XP, however, the new Windows Live Movie Maker doesn’t seem to have made an appearance (he needs to check, though, tomorrow). If you’re on XP, wait a few days to see if he posts any problems and then get to work installing.

webDotWiz is using the update to Live Writer to put up this entry to his webDotWiz Online has a Space. The toolbar at the top has been tidied up and the Insert Picture and Insert Video functions have some more alternative sources for pictures and videos.

Live Messenger has a much more tidy look (no more of those silly tags down the left-hand side of the contact list) and lots more opportunity to customise the look to your own likes. Groups and sharing photos are new features. A real boon is now being able to be signed into the same Live ID on more than computer as the same time.

Live Photo Gallery now has facial recognition and a new set of tags called People Tags so you can organise your photos based on photos of family and friends using your contacts from Live Messenger; the old Tags becomes Descriptive Tags. In the Fix section, there’s a Straighten tool so that will help webDotWiz tidy up some of his shots (and scans of 35mm slides). You can now Photosynth a selection of photos directly from Live Photo Gallery, too.

One of the snazziest new features is the integration of Live Calendar into Windows Live Mail so you can access and share you calendars more conveniently whether you’re online or not. Synching between Live Calendar and the Live Mail calendar is automatic. There are easier ways, too, to add events to your calendar, e.g., dragging an email into your calendar to remember an event.

That should be enough to whet your appetite for now – lots more stuff can now be done in all the Live programs and they work better together to make life simpler. Exciting times ahead to get the best from them all. Expect to see more writeups from webDotWiz as he discovers what’s possible.

In the meantime, here are some links to what the Liveside team have been writing up about (with plenty of screenshots):


May the Synth be with you.

Posted using the latest trial version of Windows Live Writer.


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