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Windows Live Wave 3 services launch today (Updated)

More news on the updates being rolled out across the Windows Live world, courtesy Liveside.net:

As we hinted at yesterday, today marks the update for most of the Windows Live services to Wave 3. This release (Codename Peloton for those keeping track), is expected to mainly take place from 4pm PST onwards, and will include the release of new services such as Windows Live Groups, Photos and Profile as well as the significantly updated Home and Mobile offerings. No this doesn’t include the release of Windows Live Essentials, the desktop applications.

Note, Hotmail and Calendar are both on a different release schedule, and as such will remain at their Wave 3 Milestone 2 builds until a later update. So no WebMessenger integration just yet 😦

Of course while you’re waiting, you can read all about the updates in our previous posts, a few of the more important ones are highlighted below

Windows Live Wave 3: Groups – More than just a stand-alone service
Windows Live Wave 3 feature complete: Profile, People, Photos, Home added to the mix
Windows Live Profile – introducing your Web Activities, Networks and Lists
A note about Hotmail, SkyDrive and Photos storage space
Windows Live for mobile Wave 3 – take your social life on the go

Jamie Thomson also has a great Top 10 post of the new Wave 3 applications and services.

Once things start rolling out, let us know your thoughts in the comments!


10.30am PST: Windows Live People is already out at http://people.live.com if you’re on the Wave 3 Hotmail build – Check out our Windows Live People Review as this is one of the killer new part to Wave 3 (or will be when WebMessenger integration is included!)
Updates on the products launching later coming soon!


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