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Sites Fri 05-Dec-2008 – Windows Live privacy and permissions, Email, Live Hotmail, Malware and Apple, Live Mesh, Live Search, Windows Live Essentials timeline, Word table of contents

Today’s list of sites including a couple more about the changes made the other day to Windows Live.

It’s useful to keep in mind that no changes were made to any permissions in the changeover to the updated Windows Live.

However it’s worth noting that we’re now seeing lots of stuff about ourselves in the What’s New for <YourName> on your profile page (when you’re signed in, of course – any member of your network – with permission – doesn’t see everything on your profile page that you do) that we haven’t perhaps looked at for years (ahem, hands up those people… webDotWiz includes himself with you).

webDotWiz oversaw the majority of the webDotWizards’ first profile pages when we first signed up for a Live Space many moons ago and was careful to point out the importance of setting permissions and choose the level of permission for each item of information.

So for more info about privacy and setting permissions, see today’s two links:

team_meeting_fun Do you have meetings like this?

Here are today’s other sites:


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