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Did you know – Click a Live Spaces blog entry photo to see it in full view

The Wave 3 update (Dec 3 2008) brought several enhancements to Live Spaces.

Now when you click a photo in a blog entry (it may not be showing fully but you want to see it) it will come up in its own window.

For example, you may be looking at this blog entry:


Click the photo and you’ll see it in full over the top of the blog entry page in its own window:


Click the Close button at the bottom right to return to the blog entry.

As is usual with these sorts of things, it was George (founding member of Rushworth Community House’s webDotWizards) that accidentally clicked the photo in his blog otherwise webDotWiz would never have found this little piece of niceness in Live Spaces.

Note: webDotWiz is not sure if this effect requires Silverlight to be installed. On old blog posts, clicking a photo opens a new browser window to see the full photo (which is pretty yukky compared to above).

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