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Windows Live Essentials update Dec 15/16 2008 – some screenshots to get you started

It’s Dec 16 here DownUnder but it may be still Dec 15 for you. The important point is that the Windows Live Essentials beta (trial) programs – Live Mail, Live Messenger, Live Photo Gallery, Live Movie Maker (Vista only), Live Toolbar, Live Writer and Live Family Safety – have been refreshed and you can download them (or just those you want) from download.live.com.

A new item in the Insert menu in Live Writer is Photo Album so let’s try that by inserting all the screenshots taken thus far:

The installation informs you it’s checking for programs that need to be closed before the Live Essentials can get to work properly and will close them itself (if you leave the default as set on the dialogue that comes up).

You’ll be informed what Live Essential programs you already have installed and others you can download and install if you want.

Once you’ve made your choices, the installer gets to work – it’ll take a while so it’s coffee break time!

When the installation finishes, you may have to restart your computer (you’ll be informed if a restart is necessary).

webDotWiz noted that on his Start Menu the Live Essentials under Windows Live don’t have the Beta suffix (except for Live Movie Maker).

When can we expect the final release of the Windows Live Essentials? Early next year apparently.

Hopefully you get the Live Essential updates installed without prob – webDotWiz is on his sixth or seventh here are the Rushworth Community House and all has gone ok thus far.

After more exploration, webDotWiz will post more experiences (and screenshots).


Posted using the Dec 15/16 2008 refresh of Windows Live Writer.


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