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Did you know – share your favorite websites on Live Skydrive

Being able to take your favorite websites with you wherever you went with Internet access was a Windows Live feature introduced a couple of years ago but it was a cumbersome process to add sites to your list involving copying and pasting basically.

Now it’s much easier with the Windows Live Dec refresh as long as you chose to install the updated Windows Live Toolbar along with the other Windows Live Essential programs from download.live.com. If you didn’t choose to install the Live Toolbar, now is a good time to go back to download.live.com and do it.

If you navigate your way to your Live Skydrive page, you’ll see your Documents and Photos folders as well as a Favorites folder and a Shared Favorites folder.

Click More and choose Skydrive

Remember that in the new Windows Live you can navigate from any page to another page – the same links – Home, Profile, People, Mail, Photos and More – appear at the top of each page. So when webDotWiz clicked Skydrive, he got:


Because webDotWiz had earlier added a couple of sites to his Shared Favorites folder, it was in his Recent Folders list. We want to see all our Skydrive folders so click View all. Then we see:

Shared favorites folder in Skydrive

This is what webDotWiz’s Shared favorites folder contains at the moment (more will be added as time flies by):

List of sites in Shared Favorites

You can see from the above screenshot that you can add a favorite website to your list from the page above but that means you have to do some copying and pasting. The easy way is to use the Share button on the Windows Live Toolbar.

Go to a website you want to add to your Shared Favorites. Check you’re signed in with your Windows Live ID (far right of the toolbar) and click Share which will bring up a dialogue box where all you need enter (if you want) is a description of the site. Click Share to save the site to your Shared Favorites list.

Share button on Live Toolbar

Let’s refresh my Skydrive page and see what’s there now in my list of Shared Favorites:


Yep, there it is, the link to Small Basic at www.smallbasic.com (the page redirects to a page at MSDN so that’s why you don’t see smallbasic.com under the Web address heading).

That’s how easy it is to add sites to your Shared Favorites folder on your Skydrive page. Now no matter where you are on the web you have access to your favorite sites. As well it’s an easy way to share your favorite sites with your Windows Live network.


Posted using the 2009 Release Candidate version of Windows Live Writer.


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