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Do you know how to get to your friends’ Live Spaces?

If you’ve read through webDotWiz’s previous post – Do you know how to get to your Live Space? – and you’ve got the Friends module on your Live Space, you’re just about there.

Click the display pic of the friend whose Live Space you want to visit and choose View space from the drop down list:


What if you haven’t got the Friends module on your Live Space yet?

Well, we can always go back to Live Messenger and use the What’s new pane at the bottom of the window:


You’ll have to scroll through the new items (use the arrow keys) until you find a recent entry that your friend has add to their Live Space. So that’s another way.

Or you’ve just opened your Home page (home.live.com) so now you’ve got a list of new items from people in your network. If you’re lucky, your friend may have recently posted an entry so a link to their Live Space is at the top of the list:


If you can’t see a recent entry on your Home page, then click on What’s new with your network to bring up a page of all the latest things your contacts have been doing. By the way, this is the same as clicking on What’s new at the bottom of Live Messenger.

Still nothing new from your friend and you want to get to her/his Live Space?

You might think of looking at your People page (people.live.com) but that page is for mainly getting in contact with your friends either using email or a private message one-to-one.

So it’s your Profile page (profile.live.com) – it’s the one that deals with whom you have included in your network of friends and contacts.


Use View more if need be. Clicking on the display picture of your friend’s Live Space gives you the following:


Once you’re on your friend’s profile page – and assuming that person has set their permissions to allow you to see it – you’ll find a link to their Live Space on the left side of their profile page:


Click Space and you’re at your friend’s Live Space!

Logically, if you can get to one of your friend’s Live Space from their profile page, then you can easily get to your own Live Space from your profile page.

Hopefully you’re starting to see different ways to get to the same place, so to speak. The more you explore the content on each of your own Home Profile, People, Mail Photos pages and those on the More button, you’ll see how Windows Live makes it easy to find what you want – it just depends where you are at the moment. Your friends are your Home and Profile pages and the other links at the top of each of your Windows Live pages.


Posted using the 2009 Release Candidate version of Windows Live Writer.


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