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Do you know how to get to your Live Space?

Update: to see the easiest way, go to the bottom of this post :).

Before the latest changes in December to Windows Live with the new Wave 3 look and feel, webDotWiz advised his webDotWizards and others to sign in to Live Messenger (the “old” one) and click the third icon along the top of the contacts list because that linked to the person’s Live Space.

However if you’ve installed the latest version of Live Messenger, you won’t see those icons any longer:


So how do you get to Live Space?

Well, if you’re in the habit of firstly signing into Live Messenger, simply go down to the What’s new section at the bottom of Live Messenger and click What’s new to get to your Live What’s new page – from there it will take just another two clicks to get to your Live Space:


That’ll being up What’s new with your network:


Now click More to choose Spaces:


And you’ll be here, at your LIve Spaces home page (which is much simplified and updated from the “old” version which we used to get to by clicking that third icon on Messenger):


Click View your space and you’re there!

The reason for this major change is that Live Spaces is no longer the central point for all our Windows Live activities (years ago Messenger was the central, starting point). Windows Live is now much bigger! So now our Live Space is purely for writing up entries for our website (i.e., our Live Space) with the added bonus that visitors can easily get to our photo albums.

An alternative method of getting to your Live Space is to load up Internet Explorer and straightway go to your Windows Live Home page (home.live.com) and then use the More link as above. However, webDotWiz urges everybody to sign into Live Messenger first so he prefers that method.

The Simplest Way to get to your own Live Space: go to your profile page (profile.live.com) – click Profile on the top of page menu of any of your Live pages – and there’s a link on the left:


It’s getting late… Bern’s dynamic theme says so!


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