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Did you know – choose photo size when adding a photo to a Live Space entry

In the old version of Live Spaces (pre-Decemeber 2008), adding a photo to a blog entry only put in a thumbnail of a photo so that was a bit disappointing when you wanted to show off one of your best photos.

Of course, the work-around for this situation was to always use Windows Live Writer to write up an entry and insert photos where you had more choice about their size. The 2009 Release Candidate of Windows Live Writer has even more options for inserting photos but here webDotWiz wants to show how the Live Spaces blog entry Add photos is much improved in the December Wave 3 release.

getting_to_live_spaces_11 Go to your Live Space. The easiest way to do this is to load your Profile page (profile.live.com) which  you can do from any of your Live pages using the menu across the top. Or, use the More drop down list at the top of each Live page.

Now click Add to start a new blog entry, fill in the title and choose a category. Type your text and now we’ll Add photos (link is at the bottom of your blog entry).



live_space_entry_add_photos_02 After a few moments the photo upload tool will load (there’s a circling indicator in the centre to keep you amused). webDotWiz normally has Live Photo Gallery also open when working with photos and screenshots so you need to position Live Photo Gallery on your screen so you can drag ‘n’ drop the photos (select the photos, hold the left mouse button down over one of the photos you’ve chosen and drag to the Drop photos here box in the photo upload tool).



live_space_entry_add_photos_03 As soon as you drop one or more photos onto the upload tool you’ll see over at the top right that a photo upload size input box appears. As well, under your photo will be an approximate size of your photo.






Click the arrow to get other options Original, Large (1600 px), and Medium (600 px).

In the old version of Live Spaces, Add photos only inserted a thumbnail into a blog entry. The Large option used to be called Print quality that we could choose when uploading photos into an album from Live Photo Gallery (if you remembered to tick the box) and Medium (600 px) was the default setting for uploading photos into an album from Live Photo Gallery. In each case our photos were reduced such that the maximum width or height was 1600 pixels for Print quality and 600 pixels for the old default. You can check your photo sizes by using the Info tab in Live Photo Gallery.


You can see how large your photo will be by clicking each option:


Here’s the size if the photo’s Original size is chosen:


Adding another photo to upload and choosing the Large (1600 px) option gives:


live_space_entry_add_photos_08 Click the Upload button at the bottom of the photo upload tool and things start happening.







When your photo(s) has/have uploaded, remember to click Publish entry and have a look:


Because of webDotWiz’s layout (he’s got a narrow, wide, wide layout of his columns – check http://warangabasin.spaces.live.com), the photos he’s just uploaded can’t be seen in all their fullness. So click the photo and one of new Live Spaces’ features comes to the fore:


To finish off, if you Add photos using the Original size setting, visitors to your site on slow broadband may be left staring at their browser window waiting for the photo to appear. It’s probably best to Add two blog entries to your Live Space, one using the Medium setting, and another using the Original setting with a note in your title to indicate a high-resolution photo is in the entry (just add Hi-Res photo to your title and that should be enough for visitors to your site).


Posted using the 2009 Release Candidate of Windows Live Writer.


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