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Did you know – choose photo size when uploading photos to photo album or Skydrive

There are a couple of different scenarios where you’ll come across the option to choose the size of your photos that you’re uploading:

  • publish to an online album from Live Photo Gallery, and
  • upload to a folder on your Live Skydrive

(1) Publish to an album from Live Photo Gallery

The latest trial release (Dec 2008) of Windows Live Photo Gallery now incorporates an option to choose the size of your photos that you’re publishing from Windows Live Photo Gallery to an album in your Live Photos.

upload_photos_size_01 So in Live Photo Gallery, choose the photos you want to publish to an album and click Publish on the top menu.





upload_photos_size_02 Wait a few moments for the Select an album window to give you an entry for your new album and a list of your current albums. Notice at the top right that the Upload size is automatically set at Large (1600 px). This used to be the size we could choose in the old version of Live Photo Gallery if we wanted to print the photos (we had to tick a box). The 1600 pixel size means your photos will be reduced to a maximum width and/or height of 1600 pixels. If you’re not sure what size your photos are, use the Info button on the top menu in Live Photo Gallery.


upload_photos_size_03 Click the arrow alongside the Upload size button to see your choices: Original (size), Large (1600 px) and Medium (600 px). The Medium photo size used to be the automatic choice before the Decemeber Live update and it’s ok but if you want to show your family and friends the best possible version of your photographic expertise then it’s not quite good enough.

To help decide which photo size option to use consider your viewers’ type of internet connection – Original or Large will be ok for those on broadband but certainly not for those on dialup. A second point to consider is that by uploading photos to an album you’re backing up your photos at the same time so you might want to upload using the Original size option.

(2) Upload photos to your Skydrive online storage

With the December updated to Windows Live Internet Services we now have 25Gb (that’s 25,000 megabytes) of free online storage for documents and photos. We can use it to backup files, have them available to us as we move from work to home and vice versa, and, as well, make documents and photos available to others for download if we so wish.

To get to your Skydrive folders, choose the More link at the top of any of your Live Services pages (e.g., your home or profile page, or Hotmail) and choose Skydrive from the list. You’ll see something like the following:


Note the tie-up between your Live Photos and Skydrive (e.g., the Sandringham triathlon folder was created and photos uploaded in part 1 above in this write-up). We could create a new folder and upload our content straightway from the page above or we could view All folders – let’s see what that looks like:


Skydrive folders are organised like they are on Windows XP (the Pictures folder is to the far right and out of shot). We all have to Favorites folders – a personal one and the other is our Shared Favorites folder to share sites with those we choose. See an earlier post Did you know – share your favorite websites on Live Skydrive for a tutorial on adding your favorite sites to your Shared Favorites folder.

Our goal in Skydrive in this case is to backup those Sandringham photos in their original size – this is a slightly different purpose we had in part 1 where we wanted to put a photo album online for others to view.

So we’re going to open our Pictures folder, create a new folder and upload the photos in their original size. Later on if one of our family or friends on our network want to download them, we’ll change permission on the folder so they can do just that.


So choose Create folder, give it a name when the new page opens and click the Create folder button. On the next page that opens click Add files or Why not add some files? Now we’re in familiar territory with the upload tool prompting us to Drop files here and then we can start the upload.


Arrange Live Photo Gallery on your screen so you can see a bit of the Drop files here box and drag ‘n’ drop the photos.


As soon as the photos land in the upload tool’s box, guess what you’ll see at the top right corner…


Now in this scenario webDotWiz wants to upload these photos as a backup so his aim is to preserve his photos in their original size in case of some disaster on his computer in the future so he chooses Original from the dropdown list.


Then it’s just a matter of clicking on the Upload button at the bottom left of the screen and go make a coffee and he can rest assured he’s backed up these photos as a safeguard. As well there’s the option later on to come back to this folder of photos and edit the permissions to allow others to download them to their own computer.

As a finishing note, the above photos make up about 50 Mb to be uploaded. There are a number of internet service providers who include upload amounts in their monthly cap so be careful of not exceeding your monthly cap even though you’re doing the right thing by backing up your important files.


Posted using the 2009 Release Candidate of Windows Live Writer.


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