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Did you know – Insert photo album options in Live Writer (and what they look like)

The 2009 Release Candidate version (i.e., the December 2008 refresh of the beta/trial version) of Live Writer has a new feature under the Insert menu either from the top menu bar or the right-hand task pane – insert a Photo album… This Did you know will show you the different options available when you use this feature.

Above is an album of photos that have been inserted using the Grid Left option – we’ll use this album of photos as a sample to show the other display options available.

So start Windows Live Writer, write a title for your page and type a few introductory lines of text (just as webDotWiz has done above – we’ll let the pictures tell the story…). Press Enter to start a new paragraph, effectively separating your photo album from the text – this is always good practice whenever you intend to insert a photo or photo album into Live Writer.

Now use either the Insert option from the top menu or the right-hand pane to begin inserting your photo album:

writer_insert_photo_album_01 or: writer_insert_photo_album_06

Now the Insert photo album window opens. You can choose to use photos from from your computer’s hard drive (From Files tab) or from your online albums (under the From Existing Album tag):




Just note that you need to give the From Existing Album pane a few minutes to load up previews of your online albums).

If you choose the load photos from those on your computer, the photo upload tool uses the same way of doing things as in other areas of Windows Live so you can use drag ‘n’ drop to add photos. Or, you can click on Add photos to choose your photos from your My Pictures or Pictures folder(s).

Note you need to type in a Name for your album at the top of the Insert Photo Album pane (this step is easily missed and things won’t happen if you haven’t entered an album name).

Once you’ve chosen the photos to make up your album, click Insert at the bottom of the Insert Photo Album pane and Live Writer will put together  the photos and in a minute or two will display your album in the default format called Spread:.


writer_insert_photo_album_06 The highlighted area in the screenshot above is where we find the choices available for different album styles. Let’s have a look at them: In the screenshot to the right, webDotWiz has clicked the down arrow to see all the options and below is a sample of each layout. Note you need to have the album selected (indicated in the screenshots below by the small placeholders at each corner) before you can make your choice and that the album won’t become “live” until you’ve published your blog entry.









You can see that the 2009 Release Candidate of Live Writer has some powerful options for inserting photo albums into your blog entries to make your entries more interesting and give your readers easy access to your photo collections.


Posted using the 2009 Release Canddiate of Windows Live Writer.


One response to “Did you know – Insert photo album options in Live Writer (and what they look like)

  1. Genie January 6, 2009 at 2:04 am

    All sounds very interesting, will give it a try when I find a spare hour or so. Could make a better story.

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