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Tips and tricks for Internet Explorer 8 and Live Photos – webDotWiz Column April 23 2009

Internet Explorer 8 tips

Internet Explorer 8 became available to Windows XP and Windows Vista users a little while ago and will be part of the Windows automatic update service in the coming months. Apart from better security, there are a number of features to enable us to more easily get and read the information we want from the Internet.

Tabbed browsing is the in-thing and it enables us to open several web pages in Internet Explorer at once and then easily switch to each tab to browse each page in turn. A simple example is looking at the list of results from a web search. The old method of browsing search results is to click a link on the search page that then opens the site, skim the page for information, not find it, and then click the back button to return to our search list and try to remember where we’re up to in the list of search results.

Instead in IE 8 a more efficient method is to right-click a link in the search results and then click Open in a new tab on the popup menu (or hold down the CTRL key and click the link). As you look down the page of search results, repeat this step to open each site in a new tab. When you’ve finished moving down the search result list and opened sites that will possibly give you the required information, click each tab to open each site in its own window. Note that all the tabs are coloured as a group.

Accelerators are a new feature in Internet Explorer 8 that, for one thing, save copying a link, opening a new browser window and pasting the link to load the page. Instead highlight some text, for example, an address, right click the selected text and up pops the blue accelerator icon. Click this to bring up the options. In the example of locating an address, choose the Map with Live Search option which will bring up a map in a small window over the page you’re currently on.

Other Accelerators include searching for information on some text you select, and translating selected text. At the bottom of the popup menu you have access to more accelerators which you can add to the list on your computer (e.g. Sharing on Facebook or Send to Twitter).

Doing a search on some selected text automatically opens a search page of results on a new tab so you’re saved the hassle of having to copy and paste the text into a new browser window.

Live Photos tricks

Because Live Photos is a part of online Windows Internet Services, that is, because the service is offered as a web page, new functionality can be offered as users request it without us having to download and install a new program.

Last week Live Photos was updated so that we can put photos in our photo albums in order by date, time, name or arrange them manually. You’ll see that a Sort link now appears at the top of a photo album you’re viewing. The default choice is to sort by Date but click the down arrow to see more choices – at the bottom of the list is Arrange photos.

When you click Arrange photos your album will re-load and you’re informed at the top of the page that you can now simply drag and drop the photos into the order you want. When you’ve re-arranged the photos, remember to click the Save button or you can Cancel the operation.

One of the handiest features of Live Photos is that you can simply Send a link (now on the More menu) rather than spending lots of time emailing photos as attachments to family and friends. By uploading your photos to your Live Photos albums you’re accomplishing two jobs at once – backing up your photos and making life easier for yourself.

If family and friends are in your Windows Live network, they’ll see when they visit their Live What’s new page or their Live Home page that you’ve uploaded new photos so you won’t even have to phone or email them. They can then choose the Download with Photo Gallery option on the More menu to download the photos they want and have them organised on their computer using Live Photo Gallery.



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One response to “Tips and tricks for Internet Explorer 8 and Live Photos – webDotWiz Column April 23 2009

  1. Feran April 24, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    Hi, my name’s Feran and I am working with the Internet Explorer Outreach Team to help provide assistance to folks about their Internet Explorer. This is a really great overview of IE8. Here is a great site where you can see all the add-ons, web slices and accelerators that are available to personalize you IE8: http://www.ieaddons.com/en/Also, anyone else interested can download it here: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/internet-explorer/default.aspx?ocid=ie8_sm_aThanks!Feran

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