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Use the full version of Bing

While we’re waiting in Australia for all the features of Bing to come our way, here’s how you can use the full version (United States – English) by going to www.bing.com/worldwide.aspx.

1. Use the full version of Bing

If you are using Bing outside North America, chances are that you seeing a localized version of Bing that may be missing some features. For instance, the Indian version of Bing.com doesn’t have search history and the image on the Bing home page here is not interactive as in the US version.

To explore the full version of Bing, go to this page and set English – US as your default region. You can now enjoy all the Bing features from anywhere


Once you’ve got the US version up, notice the nav tabs on the left. Let your mouse hover over different parts of the image to find the hotspots that give more information about the location depicted. 

Hat tip to Digital Inspiration at http://www.labnol.org/internet/bing-tips/8931/.


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