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Sites Fri 17-Jul-2009 – Apollo 11, Live Messenger, President Kennedy, Project Tuva, Popfly, Windows Home Server, Spam and spim

This is Apollo Control 21 hours, 38 minutes ground elapsed time. Apollo 11 now being tracked by the tracking station at Madrid. Some 51 minutes remaining in the SC
scheduled sleep period for the crew of Apollo 11. When the sleep period ends depends on the business of the day whether the flight controllers here and the spacecraft communicator wakes the crew up or whether they wake up on their own accord and call in to begin the second day of the translunar coast. Upon awakening the flight plan calls for change of the carbon dioxide removing filters in the spacecraft cabin. Now a report on the differential pressure between the lunar module and the command module. Update from the ground on consumables remaining. They will remain in the passive thermal control mode through the hour long eat period that follows the wakeup. After their breakfast meal the flight plan calls for some navigation exercises using the sextant and the program 23 computations of the onboard computer. These are star and earth horizons sightings. Presently Apollo 11 is 93,085 nautical miles out from earth. Velocity now 5638 feet per second. At 21 hours, 40 minutes ground elapsed time, this is Apollo Control.

From transcript at http://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/a11/a11transcript_pao.htm

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