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Sites Sat 18-Jul-2009 – Apollo 11 re-enactment, Richard Feynman, Project Tuva, We choose the moon

At Ground Elapsed Time 48:00 hours (2332 Saturday AEST):

This is Apollo Control at 48 hours into the Apollo 11 mission. The spacecraft is 160,760 nautical miles from earth. The distance from the moon is 64,115 nautical miles. The earth referenced velocity is 3529 feet per second. The rest period has now lasted an hour longer than the 10-hour period scheduled. It is extended to 11 hours now. Flight Surgeon says there ate indications that the commander, Neil Armstrong, may be awakening. There is some stirring around, however, we have not yet put in a call to the crew. The midcourse correction 3, which was scheduled for this afternoon at an elapsed time of 53 hours, 54 minutes, has been cancelled. The velocity value for that midcourse is only eight-tenths of a foot per second, so we will not do midcourse correction No. 3. We’ll continue to stand by for either a call from the ground or a call from the spacecraft.

Apollo 11 transcript, http://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/a11/a11transcript_pao.htm

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