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Apollo 11 re-enactment – Pencils ready? Re-entry details

At Ground Elapsed Time (GET) 186:28 hours, Apollo Mission Control released the following details in relation to Columbia’s entry into the Earth’s atmosphere and landing in the Pacific Ocean (taken from the transcript at http://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/a11/a11transcript_pao.htm):

This is Apollo Control 186 hours 28 minutes Ground Elapsed Time.

8 hours 35 minutes to entry.

Crew of Columbia still asleep at this time. Some 2 and a half hours away from wakeup time at 189 hours Ground Elapsed Time.

Because of weather avoidance in the prime recovery zone in the mid-Pacific, southwest of Hawaii, it has been decided some time ago to shift the landing point – aiming point – some 215 nautical miles downrange from the pre-mission aiming point.

And all the numbers concerned with entry and post-entry events have been generated, and we shall forward them at this time.

Pencils ready?

  • Command Module-Service Module separation, 194:48:07 Ground Elapsed Time, 11:20:08 Central Daylight Time;
  • entry enterphase, that’s 400 000 feet above the Earth’s surface, Ground Elapsed Time 195:03:07, 11:35:08 Central Daylight Time;
  • begin blackout, 195:03:25 Ground Elapsed Time, 11:35:26 Central Daylight Time;
  • 05G, 195:03:35 GET, 11:35:36 CDT;
  • end of blackout, 195:06:56 GET, 11:38:57 CDT;
  • drogue parachutes deploy, 195:12:04 GET, 11:44:05 CDT;
  • main parachutes deploy, 195:12:52, 11:44:53 CDT;
  • touchdown, 195:17:49 GET, 11:49:50 CDT.
  • Maximum G-loading to be pulled during the entry phase will be 6.12G’s.
  • Entry velocity, that’s at entry enterphase of 400 000 feet, will be 36,194 feet per second.
  • Flight path angle, minus 6.5 degrees.
  • Aiming point location, 13 degrees 19 minutes north latitude, 169 degrees 09 minutes west longitude.

At 186 hours 32 minutes Ground Elapsed Time, this is Apollo Control.


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