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Windows Live Movie Maker – How it’s going so far

The webDotWizards have been testing out Windows Live Movie Maker over the past three weeks or so since it was made available for download. Here are a few observations from what they’ve found over that time (in no particular order):

  • at first webDotWiz showed them how to drag and drop photos from Live Photo Gallery into Live Movie Maker but one webDotWizard discovered (thank heavens) that there’s an option under Make in Live Photo Gallery to more easily add photos. As well, you can go back to Live Photo Gallery to choose more photos and then, using Make / Make a movie…, these photos get added to those already in WLMM
  • if no transitions are applied, the movie (made from photos) is very dull so we’ve used Auto Movie since those first trials to add the simple cross-fade transition automatically (as well as the automatic pan and zoom)
  • the floppy disc Save project icon at the top left is not that prominent at first glance (it could be more prominent – perhaps a brighter colour – to help early users)
  • those not familiar with the Office 2007 ribbon – and some who have used the ribbon in Word 2007, for example – have to be reminded and shown that the ribbon’s power is in being able to preview a style of transition or pan/zoom by hovering the mouse, and then clicking to choose after deciding to choose a particular option
  • because there’s no orb, as in Office 2007, it’s not obvious how to access the Save, Save As, etc., menu options from the blue button at the far left of the ribbon – need a Windows Live Movie Maker orb 🙂
  • placing captions on photos before using Auto Movie seems to shift the captions to nearby photos for some unknown reason
  • have yet to try adding captions after using Auto Movie; users may need to experiment further, in particular, with placing the position cursor on a photo so that the transition has completed
  • only one webDotWizard has output a movie in standard definition and the photos in the movie appear a little fuzzy
  • movies output in 720p or 1080p seem to play well on a HD TV set when played from a DVD player
  • the integration with Windows DVD Maker makes it easy to produce a playable DVD
  • users will have to gain experience with the time it takes to render a 720p or 1080p movie in WLMM and then the time it takes to burn the movie to a DVD in Windows DVD Maker
  • the webDotWizards have been burning to DVD-Rs and there have been no problems in playing them on a range of DVD players to view on a TV set
  • still awaiting some feedback from a couple of webDotWizards who undertook large projects using Photo Story 3 for Windows in past years to see how WLMM compares – one obvious feature no longer available is being able to add narration which was used by those webDotWizards in Photo Story projects
  • adding music is easier than in Photo Story for Windows since the user can view where the track starts and ends on WLMM’s storyboard.

The above are some thoughts and observations at the present time.


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