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Apollo 12 – Transcript of first few minutes of launch – Problems

From Apollo 12 Flight Journal – Launch and reaching earth orbit – http://history.nasa.gov/ap12fj/01launch_to_earth_orbit.htm

Time is GET – ground elapsed time – which begins counting at lift-off and is used during the complete flight until splash down.

image 000:00:00 Conrad: Lift-off. The clock’s running.

000:00:05 Conrad: I got a yaw program. [pause.]

000:00:06 Bean (onboard): Six seconds.

000:00:10 Bean (onboard): There’s 10 seconds.

000:00:12 Gordon (onboard): Clear the tower.

000:00:14 Conrad: Roger. Clear the tower. I got a pitch and a roll program, and this baby’s really going.

Public Affairs Office – "Pete Conrad reports the yaw program is in. Tower clear."

000:00:18 Gordon (onboard): Man, is it ever.

000:00:20 Carr: Roger, Pete.

000:00:20 Gordon (onboard): Twenty seconds

000:00:22 Conrad: It’s a lovely lift-off. It’s not bad at all. [Pause.]

Public Affairs Office – "Pete Conrad reporting the pitch and roll program to put Apollo 12 on the proper course. Altitude at one half mile."

000:00:24 Gordon (onboard): Everything’s looking great. Sky’s getting lighter.

000:00:26 Conrad (onboard): Okay.

000:00:30 Bean (onboard): Thirty seconds.

000:00:31 Conrad (onboard): Looks good.

000:00:33 Conrad: Roll’s complete.

000:00:33 Bean (onboard): This thing moves, doesn’t it?

000:00:34 Carr: Roger, Pete. [Pause.]

image 000:00:37 Gordon (onboard): What the hell was that?

000:00:38 Conrad (onboard): Huh?

000:00:39 Gordon (onboard): I lost a whole bunch of stuff; I don’t know …

000:00:40 Conrad (onboard): Turn off the buses.

Public Affairs Office – "40 seconds."

000:00:42 Carr: Mark.

000:00:43 Carr: One Bravo.

000:00:43 Conrad (onboard): Roger. We had a whole bunch of buses drop out.

000:00:44 Conrad: Roger. We [garble] on that. [Long pause.]

000:00:45 Bean (onboard): There’s nothing – it’s nothing …

000:00:47 Gordon (onboard): A circuit …

000:00:48 Conrad (onboard): Where are we going?

000:00:50 Gordon (onboard): I can’t see; there’s something wrong.

000:00:51 Conrad (onboard): AC Bus 1 light, all the fuel cells …

000:00:56 Conrad (onboard): I just lost the platform.

Public Affairs Office – "Altitude a mile and a half now. Velocity 1,592 feet per second."

000:01:00 Bean: [Garble] Got your GDC.

000:01:02 Conrad: Okay, we just lost the platform, gang. I don’t know what happened here; we had everything in the world drop out.

000:01:08 Carr: Roger.

Public Affairs Office – "Plus one."

000:01:09 Gordon (onboard): I can’t – There’s nothing I can tell is wrong, Pete.

000:01:12 Conrad: I got three fuel cell lights, an AC bus light, a fuel cell disconnect, AC bus overload 1 and 2, Main Bus A and B out. [Long pause.]

000:01:21 Bean (onboard): I got AC.

000:01:22 Conrad (onboard): We got AC?

000:01:23 Bean (onboard): Yes.

000:01:24 Conrad (onboard): Maybe it’s just the indicator. What do you got on the main bus?

000:01:26 Bean (onboard): Main bus is – The volt indicated is 24 volts.

000:01:29 Conrad (onboard): Huh?

000:01:30 Bean (onboard): Twenty-four volts, which is low.

000:01:33 Conrad (onboard): We’ve got a short on it of some kind. But I can’t believe the volt…

000:01:36 Carr: Apollo 12, Houston. Try SCE to auxiliary. Over.

000:01:39 Conrad: Try FCE to Auxiliary. What the hell is that?

000:01:41 Conrad: NCE to auxiliary…

000:01:42 Gordon (onboard): Fuel cell…

000:01:43 Carr: SCE, SCE to auxiliary. [Long pause.]

000:01:45 Conrad (onboard): Try the buses. Get the buses back on the line.

000:01:48 Bean (onboard): It looks – Everything looks good.

000:01:50 Conrad (onboard): SCE to Aux.

000:01:52 Gordon (onboard): The GDC is good.

000:01:54 Conrad (onboard): Stand by for the – I’ve lost the event timer; I’ve lost the…

Public Affairs Office – "Comm reports the reading is back."

000:01:57 Carr: Mark. One Charlie.

000:02:00 Conrad: One Charlie.

000:02:01 Gordon (onboard): Two minutes. EDS, Auto, is Off.

000:02:03 Conrad (onboard): Yes.

000:02:04 Conrad (onboard): EDS, Auto…

000:02:06 Carr: Apollo 12, Houston. Go for staging.

000:02:10 Conrad: Roger. Go for staging we had some really big glitch, gang?

Public Affairs Office – "Flight Director Jerry Griffin taking a staging status now; Apollo 12 down range 17 miles. Altitude 20 miles."

000:02:13 Gordon (onboard): What do the buses read, Al?

000:02:15 Bean (onboard): Stand by.

000:02:16 Conrad: Inboard [center] engines.

000:02:17 Gordon (onboard): Okay.

000:02:19 Carr: Apollo 12, Houston. Try to reset your fuel cells now. [Long pause.]

000:02:20 Bean (onboard): Reset the fuel cells.

000:02:21 Gordon (onboard): Wait for staging.

000:02:22 Conrad (onboard): Wait for staging, yes.

000:02:23 Gordon (onboard): Hang on.

000:02:24 Conrad (onboard): Hang on.

000:02:25 Gordon (onboard): 25 – 27 – 32.

000:02:38 Conrad (onboard): Got a clock running over here?

000:02:39 Bean (onboard): Yes. Hang on.

000:02:41 Gordon (onboard): There’s 41. Hang on, there it is.

000:02:43 Bean (onboard): That’s it.

000:02:44 Conrad Gordon (onboard): That’s it. That’s it.

000:02:45 Bean (onboard): Staging.

000:02:46 Gordon (onboard): Hang on.

000:02:47 Conrad (onboard): Okay, GDC is good.

000:02:48 Conrad: Got a good S-II, gang.

000:02:50 Carr: Roger. We copy, Pete. You’re looking good.

Public Affairs Office – "Good staging and good thrust on the second stage."


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