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Upgrading to Windows 7 – EYWTK but were too afraid to ask

Moral of this story: have a backup plan, that is, go and purchase an external hard drive (spend as much money as you want but about $100 will get you something) for peace of mind and be able to do what webDotWiz did in the following:

Attempt 1 – upgrade from Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium using the Upgrade DVD

1707 Monday 02-Nov-2009

Read that antivirus must be turned off. Also know from doing a Windows 7 install on a new machine that Windows Live OneCare is not compatible with Windows 7 so uninstall Live OneCare. Will install Microsoft Security Essentials after upgrade finishes to have antivirus protection.

Put Windows 7 upgrade DVD into drive, click Setup and away it goes. All should be ok since it’s a Vista machine, only one year old. All up to date.


Step 3, Expanding Windows Files (21%)… hasn’t moved – ummm. Better look up if anything wrong.

Go to Windows 7 forums at http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/category/windows7 and see there’s a thread Install, upgrade and activate so have a look through.

There are plenty of posts about the install upgrade hanging at 62% (fixed a day or two later) – what about 21%?

Yep, here’s one… http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7install/thread/e2d5bd45-04f4-4c82-82a0-f89bb0773c3e

Be patient, one post said, so we’ll just leave things as they are and see what comes up in the morning…

1530 Tuesday 03-Nov-2009 – Melbourne Cup Day

Watch the Melbourne Cup and press the RESET button on the front. The Windows 7 installer is supposed to roll us back to Vista… gritted teeth and fingers crossed for an hour or so – at least the disk light flashes now and then.


Vista restored.

Take advice from other posts on the Windows 7 forums and download, install and run the Windows Upgrade Advisor.

Nothing really anything of consequence except a mention of an ATK 0110 ACPI utility – uh, what? Do a Bing search and find it’s an ASUS virtual driver used if overclocking. The Upgrade Advisor says not to worry and install the driver after Windows 7 installs. Ok, I’ll accept that.

Also forum posts suggest looking at what apps are installed so uninstall some stuff that hasn’t been used for ages or could cause problems (e.g. Verdiem’s Edison power management utility which powers down the monitor and computer after a set time).

Also unplug the external hard drive on a USB port. Uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials (installed after Vista came back up, just in case).


In goes the upgrade DVD and setup is run.


Have to restart because there are some updates which download and require a restart.


Upgrade restarts.


Upgrade actually gets under way.

1820 or so

At Expanding Windows files (21%)… – fingers crossed.


Still at Expanding Windows files (21%)…. but have seen the disk light glow now and then – perhaps this time 🙂


Expanding Windows files now at… 29% – bewdy


At 45% – going like a Bondi tram.

And I’m off to bed to see what tomorrow brings.

0700 Wednesday 04-Nov-2009

At step Installing features and updates…. wow, seems like we’re getting somewhere.

One post on the forums said be Patient so am doing that…

Leave things as have to be off to supervise exams.

1500 or so

Home to see how things are going. Well, after this length of time, expecting to see the Windows 7 screen.

But no…


Hit the Reset button and eventually we’re rolled back to Vista Home Premium.

Alright, have about 45 minutes to get to the shops to buy the Full install version of Windows 7 Home Premium.

Before jumping in the car, check prices and get Vista to start a full back onto my external drive. Just in case.

Back up is taking ages so off to bed.

0650 Thursday 05-Nov-2009

Put in Full install version DVD and start install.


Windows 7 starts. Yippeeee!!

What were the problem(s) that didn’t allow the upgrade to finish?

  • Realtek high def audio driver for Asus M2N-MX SE Plus motherboard (drivers did appear for a day or so; webDotWiz downloaded & installed them but doesn’t full sournd sound; new driver for Windows 7 hasn’t yet become available)
  • some other app (perhaps Live Mesh which had forgotten to uninstall and could have helped the upgrade)
  • that ATK 0110 ACPI utility – who knows

Because webDotWiz had a backup (through Live OneCare) before he started the upgrade, he was able to safely roll back to Vista when the upgrade didn’t work out. It would be a different story without a backup of his photos and documents.


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