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Apollo 12 re-enactment – some parameters for the trip home to Earth

From the transcript document at http://history.nasa.gov/ap12fj/18day8_cislunar.htm, these are some physics parameters you might like to consider (look at Ground Elapsed Time (GET) 183:30 hours):

Apollo 12 will cross over from the Moon’s sphere of influence to that of Earth at GET 186:30:43

Equal distance point halfway between Moon and Earth will occur at GET 219:47:40 – distance will be 110 904 nautical miles

Point of equal velocity between Earth and Moon, i.e. when the craft’s velocity relative to both Moon and Earth is the same, occurs at GET 207:14:14 – value at this time will be 3 919.5 ft/sec

The point halfway back between Trans Earth Injection (TEI) burn and Earth entry occurs at GET 208:23:41 when craft is 139 992 nautical miles from Earth.


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