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A day in the life of Windows Live – webDotWiz Online column Oct 22, 2209

Live Photo Gallery

So your young ‘uns have made you set up a Facebook account but you don’t really feel like adding much to your Facebook pages when you’ve already got lots of services in Windows Live. You’ve just uploaded some photos to an album on Live Photos to share with your family and friends in your Live network. As well you’ve sent off a link to your album to other family and friends not in your Live network.

But there are those family and friends breathlessly waiting for you to add some content to your Facebook page. Well, these people can be easily satisifed – all you need do is install the LiveUpLoad to Facebook addon (see the link in this week’s Quicklinks) for Live Photo Gallery and Live Movie Maker and with a click you can upload photos from Live Photo Gallery to your Facebook page. Now everybody’s happy.

Just an aside for those of you Windows Live people who also have a Facebook page. Check with webDotWiz how you can turn off email notifications when your Facebook friends put something on their page.

Live Writer trick

Once you’ve created a few movies in Live Movie Maker you’ll want to share them by putting them into entries on your Live Space. You’ll need an account at YouTube (it’s free) and you can upload a movie directly from Live Movie Maker.

At YouTube choose the movie you want to include in your Live Space. On the YouTube page there’s a Share option with a link to your movie – copy this link and when you paste it into Live Writer – whoosh, your movie is automatically embedded in your post. Now all you have to do is click Publish.

Live Messenger

At the top of your Messenger window there’s space for you to enter a short message that all of your people in your Live network will receive on their Live What’s New page. It’s a good way to let people know, for example, that you’ve added some new photos to your Live Photos page.

Remember that hovering your mouse over your display picture gives you some quick links, such as to your Live Space. Hovering your mouse over one of your contacts also gives you quick options such as sending a message. With the latest version of Live Messenger, the person you want to IM doesn’t even have to be online at the time you send your message – they’ll get it next time they sign in.

You can add people from other services (for example, Facebook) to your Live Messenger contacts list so it’s easy to keep up to date in just one place with what your friends are doing.

Live Movie Maker

We all know by now that Live Movie Maker’s AutoMovie feature is a real timesaver. As well, Live Movie Maker’s range of options for the type of movie you want to output is extremely useful – standard definition, 720p or 1080p high definition.

Movie Maker accepts a range of movie filetypes including MOV files. So if you want to burn a MOV movie onto DVD, load it into Movie Maker, choose your output type and let Windows DVD Maker to all the work for you.

Live Hotmail

For those readers who have taken one of Terry’s beginner’s classes at Rushworth Community House will know that he stresses the use of shortcut keys to make computer use more efficient. Well, there are a whole set of shortcut keys for Live Hotmail such as CTRL+N to create a new message and CTRL+Enter to send a message – check them out on Hotmail’s help or hover your mouse over the relevant button. If you’re more familiar with keyboard shortcut keys in other web email services you can use them as an alternative (see Options).

Hotmail now has a web version of Messenger. You won’t need this when you’re on your own computer with Live Messenger running but it’s handy when you’re on another computer to be able to keep in touch with your Live contacts.

Remember that you can jazz up the colour of your inbox – click Options to choose Themes or More themes for dynamic ones that change according to the time of day (or to suit your mood).

You can bring all your email accounts into Hotmail so they’re all in one place to make life easier. Hotmail help tells you how to do this with your Gmail and Yahoo email accounts, for example.

Live Mail

The best part of Live Mail is being able to add as many email accounts as you wish so you access to your email in one place. Live Mail makes the task of adding other email accounts as simple as it can possibly be – in most cases all your need do is enter your email address and password for the account.

Let Windows Live bring the information to you and your friends

Windows Live has lots of easy-to-use ways for you to share information with your family and friends. Just as importantly, you can keep up to date with what people in your Live network are doing. When you’ve signed in to Live Messenger to being your computing day, click on Messenger’s What’s new link to start your day in the life of Windows Live.


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