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Office Web Apps and Office Live Workspace – webDotWiz Online column Dec 3 2009

Office Web Apps

image Mid-2010 Microsoft will be releasing its 2010 version of Microsoft Office. A new component of Office 2010 will be Office Web Apps which will be free for Windows Live users

Office Web Apps, currently being trialled for testing purposes, consist of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. You’re able to create new documents, share documents and view documents in your browser (Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox). Windows Live users will be able to store documents online in their Live Skydrive free storage area. You don’t need to have the desktop version of Office installed on your computer to edit and view files.

Not all the functionality found in the desktop version of an Office application can be reproduced in a web application. For example, you won’t be able to add a video to a PowerPoint web app in your browser. However, one of the tenets of the Office Web Apps team is to preserve all the functionality of a document created in an Office desktop application when it’s viewed in the equivalent web app. So if you’re viewing a PowerPoint presentation containing a video then you’ll see that video embedded in the PowerPoint web app.

The Office Web Apps will have the Ribbon interface and all the text for commands will be the same as in the desktop applications. Of course, it’s most important that when viewing a document created in one of the Office desktop applications that it appears the same in the web app just as the author intended. For example, in an Excel web app spreadsheet all original forumulas and graphs work just as they do in the desktop application.

Office Live Workspace

image Office Live Workspace is one of the free online services that is part of Windows Live Internet Services. You’re able to store up to 5000 megabytes worth of your documents online and then access these documents whenever and wherever you have access to the web.

You create a workspace from one of several offered, such as a project, and automatically your workspace iss populated with appropriate template documents including Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. Office Live Workspace was expanded some time ago so you can also create folders to match those on your computer.

Once you’ve created a Live Workspace you can not only store documents but edit them wherever you have access to the appropriate Office application. As well you’re able to share documents with others you choose (when sharing, you can designate whether others can edit documents or simply view them).

An add-in is available that enables you to save your Office documents to your Live Workspace from within your Office applications. So, for example, if you begin an Excel spreadsheet at home, you save it to your Live Workspace and access it at work to carry out further edits and additions. Save it at work to your Live Workspace and you have access to it at home. If you need input from others, use Live Workspace’s share feature to allow others to either just view the spreadsheet or edit the document. No need any longer to worry about remembering to carry your document around on a memory stick (if you can remember where you put it down when last using it).

With the Office Web Apps not far away, it’s worth getting started with Office Live Workspace and seeing all the ways it will make your life – and those you share with – easier.


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