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Finding stuff and tools that help do it – webDotWiz Column August 13 2009

Tools to help find stuff

When using your favorite search site to find information on some topic or other, it’s all well and good to be told that there are so many zillion results found. Who’s got time to trawl through 1 200 000 sites to find some information?


The Bing search site helps you narrow down finding what you want by including some options in the left-hand pane of the screen. But there are other tools as well, especially when you’re looking for the best bargain air fare. It’s very simple to get a list of the cheapest air fares currently offered by all the Australian airlines by going directly to bingtravel.com, choosing your departure and arrival points, and clicking the big orange button labelled Search flights. Note you don’t have to flip between each airline’s site to get the information.

But what about when you’re planning a trip some months in the future? Which company will be offering the best prices? Should you purchase your ticket in the next couple of days or wait a few weeks?








When you scroll down the bingtravel.com page you’ll find a section titled plan trips. There are two options but let’s try it out by looking for low fares. Enter your departure and arrival points and click go. The next page displays a graph of predicted lowest fares over the next month or so. Clicking any of the points on the graph gives you specific details about the flight on that day.

In the left-hand column you can refine your results by using the third input to add another city for comparison purposes (you can add up to five different cities in this way).




Another way of using the travel tools is to choose the map option where you want to look at what trips are possible for a specified amount from a particular departure point. Click the reset button, choose New York City as your departure point and leave the second input set to All cities. Up pops a map of possible destinations which you can refine by changing the trip length and price range.

Sometimes it can take a little effort to find tools that will help you find your information but that’s far better than spending all your time searching.

Oh, here’s a snippet of info that webDotWiz found. To save typing, when you want to go to a particular section of Bing search to find maps, news, videos, travel information, images, and so on, just type bingmaps (for example) into the address bar of Internet Explorer and press the CTRL and ENTER keys simulaneously – bing, you’re into Bing Maps immediately!



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