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webDotWiz Online column Feb 4, 2010 – The second decade begins, what’s ahead in 2010, Facebook & privacy

What it was like in 2000

image Screenshot of webDotWiz Online’s first column, February 10, 2000. Click the image to go to the complete text. (Who’s idea was it for the colours? Ed.) Sorry about the missing images – they seem to have gone into the land of missing files.

The other day webDotWiz found his first webDotWiz Online column that was published in the first edition of Waranga News for 2000. The first thought he had was "Where did he get his ideas for that first column?" No, he hasn’t been able to answer that question. When told that 2010 begins the second decade of webDotWiz Online, a webDotWizard wanted to know if that first column would be put back online. Well, webDotWizard is thinking about it.

If there’s one observation that can be made in comparing 2000 with 2010, it’s that in 2000 you had be a bit of a geeky nerd to have your own website. There was a special aura given to those people who were "webmasters".

In 2010 people can have their own web site which they can create in minutes – not weeks as in 2000 – and upload photos and videos, as many as they want, to share with their family and friends. So gone are the days when geeky webmasters dominated what we read on the web. Normal people can easily share their thoughts either in text or images without having to know any geeky stuff.

What’s coming in 2010

In 2010 the services we use, especially Windows Live Essentials and Windows Live Internet Services, are being further refined to enable everybody with a Windows Live ID to more easily share content with family and friends.

One new, free service all Windows Live ID users will be able to take advantage of in a few months time is the ability to create, edit and share Office 2010 documents online usimg the Office 2010 Web Applications (Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint). Not every single feature of the desktop version of Office 2010 can be accomplished online (e.g., editing a video in PowerPoint) but those that are possible will be provided through the browser. Free storage for our documents will be online at Live Skydrive.

We’re already well acquainted with the ribbon menu in Windows Live Movie Maker and that’s one feature that will be part of all the new versions of the Live Essentials programs. i.e., Live Mail, Live Photo Gallery and Live Writer, the blogging tool.

To help us cope with multiple conversations in Live Messenger, it’s expected that there will be tabbed conversations which will help manage those times when everybody want to IM you.

With respect to the Live Internet Services – the Live Home page, Live Hotmail, Live Photos, Live Skydrive and so on – expect to see more options to share documents and photos with family and friends in the header of each Internet Service page to make life easier.

Note that sharing documents will become more focused in the next version of Live Internet Services since Windows Live users will have free access to the Office 2010 Web Applications. Small things such as hovering over the More link at the top of each page will show the menu rather than having to click it as is the case at the moment.

image Expect to see Web Messenger better integrated into Live Hotmail. Remember that there are many people who use their Live Hotmail at public access points which may not have Live Messenger installed on the desktop. Including Web Messenger with Live Hotmail enables those people to chat with family and friends online.

Facebook and privacy

Back in December Facebook changed its privacy policy. Under the pretence of improving our Facebook experience, the change of privacy settings enabled Facebook to open all its members to web search to aid the advertisers and marketers.

image So, if you haven’t done so, go to your Facebook privacy settings page and make sure the settings are those you want. In some cases you’ll need to click the arrow on a particular setting to get to the custom setting to ensure your privacy is safe.

Regardless of all the settings you make to maintain your privacy, there’s no setting that will stop everybody on the web being able to view your profile page (with photo) and the list of your friends. You’re welcome to see this effect in action at www.facebook.com/webdotwiz (don’t login to your Facebook account if you have one).

To compare Facebook’s privacy settings with Windows Live privacy settings, go to webDotWiz’s Live Home page at http://home.live.com and try to see his list of friends!

If you’re going to continue to use Facebook, be careful and guard your privacy.

Firstly, go and change your privacy settings!


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