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webDotWiz Online column – Feb 18 2010 – Get your free 25Gb out of Live Skydrive


When you sign up for a free Windows Live ID, apart from getting a free Live Hotmail account for your email, a free web site with Live Spaces and other benefits, you also receive a free quota of 25,000 megabytes online storage available for your documents and photos.

Now’s the time to start familiarising yourself with this free online storage because it’s not long to the arrival of the Office 2010 free Web Applications (Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint and Word). Yes, your Windows Live ID will also enable you to use the Office 2010 Web Apps for no charge. The Office Web Apps won’t have all the features of the Office 2010 applications on the desktop but you’ll still find more than enough functionality to enable you to create, edit and share spreadsheets and documents. As well, Office documents created in the desktop version will be faithfully rendered when viewed in Office Web Apps.

You can get to your Live Skydrive web page in different ways. Firstly, you can go directly to skydrive.live.com and then sign in with your Windows Live ID. Alternatively – and this may be the most convenient way – is that, having signed into Live Messenger, you’re already in Live Hotmail checking your email. Or, the Messenger icon shows you don’t have any email, so click on What’s new to go to your Live Home page (home.live.com).

wdw_col_180210_01 Once you have your Live Hotmail or Live Home page on the screen, you’ll find the link to your Live Skydrive under the More item at the top of the web page. Click More for the full list then click Skydrive.

When your Live Skydrive page loads, you’ll see that there are already some folders created for you. As well, if you’ve uploaded photos using Live Photo Gallery or Live Photos, you’ll see your photo albums since your photos are stored on your Live Skydrive. Underneath any recent folders shown, click View all. Now you’ll see your Skydrive has been broken into three main areas: Documents, Favorites and Photos.

wdw_col_180210_02 The Documents folder is further divided into folders that you’re familiar with from your Windows computer, principally My Documents and Public. Notice My Documents has a lock icon to signify it’s a private folder to which only you have access. If you want to share documents, then use the Public folder. Under each of these main folders you can create sub-folders in which to store your documents. A good way to do this is to mirror the folders you have on your own computer.

With 25,000 megabytes of free online space, you can use your Live Skydrive to enable you to work on your documents at both home and work, for example, or you can use Skydrive as a backup for your important documents. In a word or two, no more lost – oops, sorry, misplaced – USB memory sticks!

Upload your photos in original size using Live Photos

Yes, we all know you can use Live Photo Gallery to upload photos to an album in your online Live Photos. However, it seems because we have such slow upload speeds through our ISPs that uploading photos in their original size, that is megabyte photos especially panoramas, the upload can fail.

So to ensure you get your photos uploaded in their original size, go to your Live Photos page (photos.live.com), create an album and upload your photos from there. You have the option of using drag’n’drop or uploading from the pictures folder on your computer.

As a hint, upload no more than ten photos at a time, perhaps less than ten if they’re particularly large (say more than 10 megabytes). Be patient since our upload speeds are much, much slower than our download speeds and remember that your ISP may charge for uploads so don’t go overboard in the one month.

webDotWiz is recommending the webDotWizards upload their panoramas using this method and thus far all has gone well.


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