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New Windows Live web services – webDotWiz is looking forward to…


From previews and reviews by those trialling the new version – nicknamed Wave 4 – of the Windows Live internet web services, webDotWiz is looking forward to the following new features and functionality in the different services.

The Windows Live internet web services consist of:

These services are given the distinct title of Windows Live Internet Web Services since they are online services in contrast to the desktop applications that make up the Windows Live Essentials (Live Messenger, Live Mail, Live Movie Maker, Live Photo Gallery, Live Sync, Live Writer).



Messenger social is the new name for the former What’s new. In Live Messenger, we’ll have the same view of what’s happening with our Windows Live contacts and friends on other social networks.

In What’s new we were able to see when our Windows Live family and friends had posted a new entry to their Live Space or uploaded new photos to one of their Live Photos album. Now we’re able to join our other social networks to Messenger social and see our friends’ posting to our Facebook page, for example; better, we’ll be able to add a comment while in Messenger social and that comment will be posted back to our Facebook page.

For those times you want to get lots of emailing done, there’s the Web Messenger for chatting to family and friends without leaving Hotmail. The Web Messenger can be moved around the page, follows you from one Windows Live page to another (e.g., from Hotmail to Live Photos) and has tabbed conversations.

Sweep enables us to clean up our inbox in a few clicks. For example, click one of many emails from a particular address and move all the emails from that contact to a folder you’ve set up. As well, you can use Sweep to delete a whole list of posts from a particular addie.

Active View – we’ll be able to view photos (as slide shows) and videos within Hotmail itself – this will cut down on being taken out of Hotmail to view photos and videos.

Attachments – up to 10Gb!!!! (made up of a maximum of 200 photos, say, each of 50Mb maximum). Photos will be uploaded to a folder on your Live Skydrive and an email posted to the receiver who can then download the photos (similar to what the webDotWizards have been currently doing by using the Send a link from one of their albums on Live Photos).

Office documents (Word and Excel) can be viewed and edited in Hotmail, too, using the Office Web Apps.

Live Home page


Messenger social replaces the What’s new function and allows you to bring in your other social networks, e.g. Facebook, to save you chasing down everybody’s different sites.





Live Profile


Here’s where you set up you information and, more importantly, set your permissions and levels of privacy. For the first time user, setting permissions has been simplified.

You can now see what your Windows Live family and friends are seeing from their end so you can adjust your permissions if need be.






Live Photos


The upload tool is greatly improved in that several photos upload at once so it’s a lot faster than the old version.

The slideshow viewer works in full screen.





Live Skydrive

We still only have 25 Gb (that’s 25 000 megabytes) of free space 🙂

Skydrive is used for storage of our Office Web App documents as well as our photos and videos.

Office Web Apps


On the new header of each Windows Live web service page you’ll see Office as an item from which you can create a new document or view and edit stored documents.

We can create Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote files. All the basic functions for Word and Excel are available from the ribbon.




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Posted using the 2009 version of Windows Live Writer.


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