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Live Photo Gallery Wave 4–Where’s the XXXX button gone to?

The Wave 4 version of Live Photo Gallery now has the ribbon menu from which we select what we want to do. The ribbon is sensitive to the context we’re working in and thus changes according to what we want to do (or what Live Photo Gallery can best guess at what we want to do).

The old version of Live Photo Gallery had separate menu items across the top of the window: File (e.g., Import photos from camera or scanner), Fix (Auto Adjust, Adjust exposure, Straighten, Crop, etc.), Info (Add People or Descriptive tags), Publish (Upload to Live Photos), Email, Print, Make (Make a panorama), Slideshow and Extras (e.g., Open a photo in Paint.NET, Send a group of photos to ICE).

So where do we find the equivalent functions in the new Live Photo Gallery?

When you start the new version of Live Photo Gallery (the Wave 4 version as it’s called) for the first time, you may need to click All photo and videos in the top left pane to show all your folders. Click on one of your folders to show thumbnails of the photos in that particular folder.

As well when you start the new Live Photo Gallery for the first time, it scans all your photos to place people tags on any photos in which it recognises faces from people you’ve already people tagged. Live Photo Gallery now not only detects faces in your photos but recognises faces using the people tags you’ve already got. So no more arduous people tagging all your photos – as long as you’ve put a name to a face in one photo, Live Photo Gallery will look through all your photos to find others in which that person appears and they’ll be people tagged automatically.

How do I add a descriptive tag to a photo?

On the Home menu, click the top half of the Descriptive tag button.

If you click the bottom half of Descriptive tag, you have a couple more options: Manage your tags or Cleanup unused tags.







How do I add a people tag to a photo?

On the Home menu, click the People tag button.

Where’s the Back to gallery button gone to?

You’ve double clicked on a thumbnail and the photo opens full screen. How do you get back to the gallery of photos?

There are three ways:

  1. Press the ESC key on your keyboard (it’s at the top left of you keyboard and you may have never noticed it until now that webDotWiz has mentioned it); or,
  2. Double-click the photo; or
  3. Click the big, black X (Close file) at the top right of the ribbon.

Whenever you’ve finished editing a photo you’ll more than likely want to return to the gallery view of your photos so use one of the above methods.

Where’s the Fix menu gone to? How do I edit one of my photos?

The easiest way to get access to all the editing functions is to double-click the thumbnail of the photo in the gallery that you want to adjust.

You’ll note that the ribbon changes over to the Edit tab and now you’ve got all the editing tools on hand.

As well note that the right-hand pane shows the main editing functions available: Adjust exposure, Adjust color, Straighten photo and Adjust detail. If you don’t see these options in the right-hand pane, click the Fine tune button on the Edit ribbon.

Click one of these main functions to enable you to carry out specific adjustments you want to make to your photo.

When you’ve finished editing, you can return to the gallery of thumbnails by clicking Close file.

If you’ve clicked on one of your photos in gallery view and then click the Edit tab, you only get some of the simple adjustments you can make to the photo. Double-click the photo to bring up all the adjustment tools.


Where have the list of tags gone to? They used to be in the left pane

The Find ribbon menu item now enables you to find photos by Date, People (face recognition), Rated, Tags (descriptive) and Flagged.

If you want to find all photos you’ve tagged with a specific description, click Tags to bring up a full list of all the tags you’ve used (it’s divided into Most used and Tag list a-z). Click the appropriate tag to bring up all the photos with that specific tag.

You may need to click on Search all photos? at the top of the main window so Live Photo Gallery looks through all your albums.

Finding certain people among all your photos is simple – just click on their face. You’ll see all the people that have been recognised by clicking on the small arrow to the right of the face recognition gallery in the ribbon. Once again you may have to click on Search all photos?.






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