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webDotWiz Online column Thu, 16 Sep 2010-Live Messenger, our people app

Windows Live Messenger
The social web
We thought the internet was becoming really social when MSN Messenger (that’s the name Live Messenger was called many years ago) not only enabled us to text chat to a family member or friend but also audio chat using a simple headset. Then came video chat – wow, the web was really becoming social.
In those dim, dark ages, if you put up your own website to show off some holiday photos or to share information about an interest or hobby, the problem was to let family, friends and acquaintances know that you’d updated your site with new content. There were ways to help solve this problem, but what you really wanted was some automatic-type mechanism to let everybody know you’d added new content to your site. That was one problem but many, many mere mortals didn’t want to delve into HTML and CSS, much less find somewhere on the web to host a site for free.
Skip forward a couple of years and more and more people have affordable digital cameras and cameras on their mobile phones. So the world is full with the sound of "Click, click". Numerous sites offer free upload and storage of all these photos. But how to tell family and friends that we’ve uploaded our latest holiday snaps?
Along comes Facebook and all the younger ones join up. Those of us happy to use Windows Live to keep up to date with our friends’ latest photos and activites really didn’t want to be a member of another social network but a few phone calls from family and friends demanding why we haven’t seen those latest holiday photos soon sway our opinion. So we become one of the 500 million – and growing – people on Facebook. Now we have to check out two social networks. Who’s got the time?
Windows Live + Facebook
Live Messenger 2011 (which many are trying out at the moment) solves the problem of keeping up with the activities of our close friends on Windows Live and our friends and acquaintances on other social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and others. It’s our people application.
In Live Messenger 2011 we can share something new in what used to be the status message box at the top of Messenger with our Live friends and those on other social networking sites without having to leave Messenger.
Once we’ve connected other services to Windows Live, we receive comments, photos and videos from our family and friends. We can view photo albums and videos and leave comments directly within Messenger without the need to start another application or go to another web site. Note Windows XP users will need to use their Windows Live home page in the browser.
Switching Messenger to contacts view enables us to send instant messages to any of our Live contacts or to send private messages to our acquaintances on Facebook or other social network. Hovering your mouse over any person in your contact list, whether they’re on Windows Live or Facebook or another social network, displays the options you have to get in contact with that person.
As well, it’s handy to make some people "favorites" so their activities are at the top of Messenger Social. Do this by choosing "Add to favorites" from the popup menu when you hover over their name in Messenger’s contact list or social view.
Live Photo Gallery + Facebook
A reminder that you can upload photos and videos directly from Live Photo Gallery 2011 to other popular photo and video sites such as Facebook, Flickr and YouTube.
Whilst you can upload your photos in their original size (thus ensuring you have a backup of your original photos) to your Live Photos albums, photos uploaded to your Facebook albums are reduced to a maximum width or height of 720 pixels. So after uploading to Facebook, don’t delete the photos off your camera until you’re sure they’re all on your computer and you’ve uploaded them to your Live Photos.

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