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webDotWiz Online column Thu, 19 Aug 2010-Sending photos & Office docs in the new Hotmail

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In the last column webDotWiz showed you how to use the new Sweep feature in Hotmail to organise your email inbox. Basically Sweep enables you to store incoming email from specific email addresses in specific folders for later reading so that at the end of the day you should have a zero-inbox, that is, an empty inbox. It can take a bit of time to get organised into creating new folders and calling up Sweep, but, if you remember to tick the box at the bottom of the Sweep pane, you only need do it once.

This week we want to look at, in the old language, how we send attachments (documents or photos).

The old days of attachments
When webDotWiz first began using Hotmail, there was a 1 megabyte limit on the total size of attachments that could be sent with an email. This limit was later increased to 5 megabytes and now it’s 10 megabytes.

If you look at the size of your photos in Live Photo Gallery, you’ll quickly see that they’re about 2 megabytes or more in size – that means you can’t post all those holiday photos to your friends in one email.

A more important fact is that, unless your friends are also on Hotmail, they may be restricted in the size of attachments they can receive at their end in their email client.

To bring us into the 21st century where we want to share photos with family and friends without restrictions on email attachment size, Hotmail now has an Insert toolbar.

Hotmail’s Insert menu toolbar
The first item on the new Insert menu toolbar is our old friend, Attachments (denoted by the well-recognised paper clip). You can use Attachments in the same way as you always have however, if, for example, you want to attach a whole group of photos, Hotmail will prompt you that there is a better way so you don’t exceed the 10 megabytes attachment limit and fill up the inbox of the people you’re posting to.

So after you’ve chosen a number of photos you want to send, Hotmail will tell you that the total size of your attached photos exceeds the 10Mb limit and you have a couple of options: firstly, to remove some photos to get below the 10Mb limit or to share the photos in an album using Live Skydrive. Using the latter means you can "attach" up to 200 photos (each with a limit size of 50Mb) in an album to a total of 10 gigabytes (10,000 megabytes). That should be enough!

If you agree to upload the photos to an album on your Live Skydrive, two things will happen. Firstly there is an automatic time limit of 90 days set on the availability of the album. Secondly, the recipients of your email won’t actually contain any photos but will be a link to a temporary folder on your Live Skydrive; your recipients will be able to download all the photos from this album or pick and choose as they so desire. This temporary folder has its permissions set to Just me thus, if your friends delete the email with the link to the folder album, they’ll have to ask you to re-send an email.

webDotWizards will recognise that what Hotmail is automatically now doing for us is the manual method we’ve been using in Live Photos. This process is: import photos from your camera into Live Photo Gallery, add people tags, geotags and descriptive tags, add captions (because they now carry over to Live Movie Maker), and upload to an album on Live Photos. Then using the Share menu in Live Photos, Send a link to the album for family and friends to either just view  using the Slide Show or download the complete album or separate photos. When you using this method, you also have the option of deciding what level of permission you apply to the album. If you set the permission to Just me and your recipients delete the email you asked Live Photos to send, they’ll have to contact you for a new Send a link email.

Note that the first item on the Photos dropdown list is Send compressed photos. So when you click this option, the photo upload tool will load to show you thumbnails of your photos and you can select which ones to send. Send compressed photos is the same as what’s been available for some time but the disadvantage is that your recipients will only see thumbnails of your original photos.


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