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Using WordPress-Adding new content from the Dashboard’s Post / Add New Post

add_new_post_01Log in to your WordPress site and the Dashboard opens.

Look down on the left-hand side of the page and you’ll see Posts (it runs red when you hover your mouse over it).

Click Posts and a new page opens with available options under Posts on the left-hand side of the page. Click Add New to create new content and add it to your site.

add_new_post_02A new page opens with most of it occupied by an area for creating your new content.

The cursor is already sitting in a box waiting for you to type in a title for your new post.

A quick glance shows you have most of the usual features to format your text (e.g., bold, making a bullet list, centering, left and right justify).

Alongside Upload/Insert are buttons to enable you to insert images, video and other media.

The Visual tab is highlighted to indicate that you’ll see your content laid out on your site in the same format as you’re typing it.

add_new_post_03The second last icon (coloured blue) on the formatting toolbar enables you to do your typing in a full page view if you so want (Alt-Shift-G is the keyboard shortcut). This button is a toggle button so if you switch to full page view for your typing, click the button to return to your Add New Post page in Dashboard (or use Alt-Shift-G).

add_new_post_04On the right-hand side of the page is the button to Publish your new content in a new post to your site.

Also over there on the right-hand side of the page is your list of categories from which you can select for your new post (or you can add a new category).








Of course you can use Windows Live Writer 2011 to add content to your WordPress website. As well, Live Writer can be used to edit a post.

Live Writer – webDotWiz’s preferred tool – makes it easy for you to insert photos and photo albums, whether from your computer or from your Live Photos online albums. In fact, if you want to insert a photo album in a post then Live Writer is the only tool for the job. As well, Live Writer enables you to insert a video or a map into a post and use tables when appropriate.

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Posted using Live Writer 2011.


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