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Better security in Hotmail and other Live news-webDotWiz Online Oct 14 2010

This week we’ll take you through some notable updates to Live Hotmail and Live Calendar, some useful photo tips from the Rushworth Community House webDotWizards and how you can make life easier for yourself by using Live Messenger to link up with your Facebook friends.

Live Hotmail

It can happen that you or a friend get tricked by what’s called a social engineering email into giving away your Hotmail password. Consequently you lose control of your Hotmail account. All is not lost as there’s a recovery method.

When you first become aware that your Hotmail account is being used by someone else (e.g. your friends might inform you that they’re getting lots of spam in emails sent from your account), you need to change your password at account.live.com. However, your password may have been changed by the infiltrator and that’s where your secret question and answer or alternative email address and your location information that you entered when signing up for a Hotmail account will be needed. So before life gets complicated, check your account information at account.live.com and write down and store it in a safe place just in case you need it in the future to recover your account.

Recently Live Hotmail added further security measures to help us protect our accounts. To check your account status, while in Hotmail, hover over your name at the top right of the screen and choose Account. You will have to sign in again with your password and then you’ll see details such as your alternative email address and secret question. There are two new items: your mobile phone number and Trusted PC.

You can use the mobile phone option to request a one-off code when you’re using Hotmail at a public place (such as an internet cafe) when you can’t be sure if the computers have antivirus software nor are infected with keyboard logging software that records your keystrokes with the aim of stealing your password.

The final option is to declare your home or work computer as a Trusted PC and then this computer becomes the only computer at which you change or recover your password.

Live Calendar

A reminder that your Live Calendar is easy to access and use – just look down in the bottom right corner of your Hotmail or Live Mail screen to bring it up and get started.

To make an entry, such as an up-coming appointment or birthday, simply click on the appropriate date to enter details. You can use the recursion function to have Calendar repeat an event for as long as you need. As well, you can have Calendar send an email alert to give you notice of what’s on.

You’re also able to share a calendar with selected friends specifying whether those other people can edit the calendar or just view it.

Live Photo Gallery

The webDotWizards at Rushworth Community House have learnt some tricks they want to pass on.

Firstly, check your camera’s date and time settings when you’re setting out for that holiday whether within Australia or overseas. Especially when overseas, it’ll be to your benefit when you get home if you change your date and time camera settings to those where you’re clicking those many shots as a record of your trip. When you can, take a shot of any public noticeboards or signs that will later make it easy to know the location of the photos. Alternatively, after a day of sightseeing, take a few shots of any brochures you have collected during that day.

Secondly, immedately after you’ve loaded your photos onto your computer using Live Photo Gallery, add geotags, people tags and description tags so you can find these photos in a year or two’s time. With an eye to creating a DVD from your photos to share with family and friends, then add captions to your photos so when others are viewing your movie they won’t be ringing you up to find out any extra information.

Use favorites in Live Messenger

When you install the latest version of Live Essentials from download.live.com, the latest version of Live Messenger enables you to not only to chat to your Live Messenger friends but also to your Facebook friends (if you use Messenger Social to connect your Facebook service to your Live web services). Hovering over any of your friends, whether on Windows Live or Facebook, you’ll see the option to Send an IM.

As well, using the status pane at the top of Live Messenger, you can directly write to your Facebook wall to share what you’re doing with your Facebook friends as well as your Live friends.

Lives Spaces migration to WordPress

Windows Live Spaces will be phased out next March. In the meantime, you’ll be offered to migrate your Live Space to WordPress. This process is completely automatic and you only need to connect your WordPress site to your Live web services and provide a new password.

There are two links in this week’s list of sites to give you an idea of the process and how to set up Live Writer so you can post to your new website especially if you’re including photos and photo albums in an update to your site.

webDotWiz will have more information soon as to how to go about changing themes, adding your own image header to your site and making best use of other features on WordPress. One positive aspect that webDotWiz has already found is that WordPress has extensive antispam protection to keep spam comments away from your site.


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