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Let Live Messenger Social do the work-webDotWiz Online column-Nov 11 2011

Back in September one of webDotWiz’s column was titled Live Messenger, our people app. Since then Windows Live users have begun to see how Messenger Social makes life so much easier.


Want to write something on your Facebook wall? Simply fill in your text message in Messenger’s share pane at the top of the Live Messenger window and click Share.



Want to send a private message (PM/IM) to one of your friends on Windows Live or Facebook? Hover over their name on your list of friends, choose Send IM, type your message and press Enter.

Want to tell everybody you’ve put your holiday photos online? Just upload your photos to your Live Photos/Skydrive online and your Windows Live and Facebook friends (if you’ve connected your Windows Live account to your Facebook account) will be notified automatically.

Have friends on Facebook with whom you want to keep in contact and share photos and other activities but they don’t want to join Windows Live? Once you’ve connected your Facebook account with your Windows Live account, they’ll get access to your photo albums and other activities whenever you add new albums and content online from your Windows Live account.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 users can download Windows Live Essentials 2011 from download.live.com (which redirects to explore.live.com/windows-live-essentials) and you’ll then have the latest version of Live Messenger.

Windows XP users can check they have the latest version of Live Essentials for XP by going to the same address. However, the latest version of Live Essentials for XP was released last May and you won’t have the latest features of Messenger Social that Vista and Windows 7 users enjoy. You’ll have to use your Windows Live Home page at home.live.com to  keep your friends up to date and see their activities. A tip: use the text pane in the header of your Windows Live Home web page to let your Live and Facebook friends know what you’re up to.


You can easily check which services you’ve connected to your Windows Live ID by going to your profile page (there’s a link on every Live page at the top right or go to profile.live.com and sign in if necessary) and looking on the left-side of the page under Connected to for the Manage link. If you want to connect your Windows Live ID with other services, click the Connect link. You may be surprised to see how services that can be connected and if you’re a member of any of these, connect them so you have access from one place, namely Live Messenger Social.




Messenger Companion


This service is installed with the install of Live Essentials 2011 and you probably didn’t know you had it. When you find a site or web page that you’d like to recommend to your friends, simply go to Tools in Internet Explorer 8 or use Ctrl+Shift+C to bring up the sharing pane. You’ll have to sign in, then, if you want, you can write a sentence or two, or simply click Share.

All your Windows Live friends will be automatically notified and if you’ve connected your Facebook to Windows Live, your friends on Facebook will also be notified that you think this web page is worth looking at.

You might come across a site that has the Messenger badge with some text such as Share via Messenger. Clicking this link brings up the Messenger Companion, just as Ctrl+Shift+C does. For example, Liveside.net and webDotWiz’s latest links page have the Messenger badge.

Migrating your Live Space to WordPress

The migration process is automatic and you only need to make sure you connect your new WordPress site to your Windows Live ID so we all get notified when you add new content.

What can be a time-consuming task is to choose a theme from all those that WordPress offers. However, WordPress helps out by enabling you to do a preview of what your site looks like with any theme to try. So take your time and you’ll eventually find the theme that suits you best.

GenieChene thinks these themes are worth considering: Solipsus (e.g. cheniechene.wordpress.com), Andreas 04, Chaotic Soul, Flower Power and Koi Theme (e.g. see glorialennoxmyblog.wordpress.com). webDotWiz has changed over to the zBench theme just introduced a week or two ago.

Now that it’s not so convenient for friends who aren’t on Windows Live or Facebook to view photo albums, use Live Writer to insert an album and post to your site. For a good example to achieve this, see JBMurch Travel.

WordPress has an online new page creator and it’s quite good for posting text. However if you want to post photos and photo albums to your WordPress site, it’s much better to use Live Writer 2011 so, if you haven’t already, set up your WordPress blog account in Live Writer.


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Posted using Windows Live Writer 2011.

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