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New features in Hotmail and Office Web Apps-webDotWiz Online Sep 30 2010

Over the past week or so, the Windows Live team have announced several new updates to Live Hotmail and the Office Web Apps. The features in Hotmail will appear over the next few weeks so don’t be surprised if you don’t have them immediately.

Hotmail attachments size increased

Previously when using the Attachment option to attach photos or documents to an email, there was a total size limit of 10 Mb. That size will be increase to 25Mb when the new features roll out worldwide.

As well, we’ll all be able to send an email with up to 10Gb of photos attached (up to now this feature was limited to the U.S.). This will work by informing you as you attach photos that the 25Mb limit has been reached and offer the alternative of creating a temporary folder for you on your Live Skydrive into which photos will be uploaded and an email sent to your intended recipient containing a link to the folder. You can change permissions on this folder and the time for which the folder will exist (90 days is the default).

Hotmail folders and sub-folders

It soon became obvious in some cases that the Sweep function had limitations. For example, you receive newsletters from a car magazine and the newsletters alternate from news about different cars each week. You want to automatically send each newsletter about each type of car to its own folder and now you’ll be able to by creating sub-folders under your Newsletter folder, for example, and so fine tune your archive of newsletters.

Chat with Facebook friends

Later in the year we’ll be able to chat with our Facebook friends from Live Messenger (on the desktop) or from Live Web Messenger while in Hotmail or any other Live web service page (such as Live Photos). We’re already able to chat with our Windows Live friends from both Live Messenger and Web Messenger with messages appearing in both Messengers. While you’re working on your email, access Web Messenger by signing in after you click on Messenger from any of your Windows Live web pages, such as Hotmail.

Note that you’re able to send IMs to any of your Facebook friends from Live Messenger – simply hover over their contact name and the option Send message (Facebook) will pop up.

Viewing videos in Hotmail

If you receive an email from a friend with a YouTube or Hulu video embedded in the message, you can view the video directly from within Hotmail. Soon emails containing videos from DailyMotion and Justin.tv will also be viewable in Hotmail.

Office Web Apps

The Office Web Apps consist of online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. The best part is that these applications are free for Windows Live users and you don’t need to purchase a version of desktop Office. The Office Web Apps don’t have all the feautures of the full desktop versions in Office 2010 but they’re more than adequate.

One of their prime features is that you can easily share documents with your fellow Windows Live friends without having to resort to the old-fashioned way of emailing documents as attachments. If you don’t want to share, then take advantage of being able to access your Office Web App documents wherever and whenever you have internet access.

You’ll know you have Office Web Apps enabled when you go to Office from any of your Windows Live web services pages such as Hotmail and you see the four icons for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote in the top right of the Office Live page.

There have been some updates in the past couple of days including the option now to open a web app document in your desktop version of Office. As well, the print function in the Office Web Apps is more easily found and it’s included in edit mode as well as view mode.

The Excel web app now enables you to insert different types of charts into your online spreadshet; under the Insert menu you’ll find options for column, line, pie, bar, area, scatter and others. As well you can now use the auto fill handler just as in desktop Excel.

In the PowerPoint web app there are more styles from which to choose and new ones will become available from the Office.com libray. Also we can now insert clip art from the huge clip art library on Office.com.

Finally Excel and PowerPoint web apps can be embedded in web pages and blog posts.


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