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Problem–Can’t copy from Expression Web 4 to Live Writer and publish to WordPress–Workaround

webDotWiz writes up his webDotWiz column (www.webdotwiz.com) in Expression Web 4 and to save typing, has been in the habit of copying the page (in Design view in EW 4) to Live Writer (in Edit view) and then publishing onto his blog (formerly Live Spaces but now here on WordPress).

With migration of his Live Space to WordPress and appropriate set up in Live Writer, webDotWiz suddenly found a couple of weeks ago that, after he’d copied his webDotWiz Online column from EW4 into Live Writer and clicked Publish, he got the following error:


From memory, webDotWiz can’t remember if this particular page had images or not. However, if at first you don’t succeed, try again… and the same error came up even though the second attempt involved a page without a single image. Hmmmm…

webDotWiz in the meantime had posted several of his daily blogs containing screenshots to his WordPress site and didn’t receive the above error.

So there has to be something strange going on between Expression Web 4 and Live Writer.

Well, instead of copying the page in Design view from Expression Web 4 to Live Writer in Edit view, webDotWiz thought he’d try copying the page as displayed in Code view in Expression Web 4 to Live Writer in Source view – and that works!!

Problem solved (for the time being) using a workaround.

In summary, when copying a page from Expression Web 4, firstly go to Code view, select the text and copy to Live Writer in Source view to ensure Live Writer will publish to WordPress.

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Posted using Windows Live Writer 2011.


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