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Apollo 12 re-enactment – some parameters for the trip home to Earth

From the transcript document at http://history.nasa.gov/ap12fj/18day8_cislunar.htm, these are some physics parameters you might like to consider (look at Ground Elapsed Time (GET) 183:30 hours):

Apollo 12 will cross over from the Moon’s sphere of influence to that of Earth at GET 186:30:43

Equal distance point halfway between Moon and Earth will occur at GET 219:47:40 – distance will be 110 904 nautical miles

Point of equal velocity between Earth and Moon, i.e. when the craft’s velocity relative to both Moon and Earth is the same, occurs at GET 207:14:14 – value at this time will be 3 919.5 ft/sec

The point halfway back between Trans Earth Injection (TEI) burn and Earth entry occurs at GET 208:23:41 when craft is 139 992 nautical miles from Earth.


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Apollo 12 re-enactment – some links so you can join in

image Apollo 12 launches at 1122 from Cape Kennedy on Saturday Nov 14.

For Aussies, time shift across zones gives us a launch time of 0322 AEST on Sunday morning, Nov 15.

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As well John aka ApolloEcho has a twitter stream on www.twitter.com/ApolloEcho.

Here’s some reference material:


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Flight Simulator X Service Pack 1 available

You can now download service pack 1 for Flight Sim X at FSInsider.com. This page has a brief summary of the fixes in the service pack.

While at FSInsider.com, check out plans for the expansion pack which will include multi-player air racing.

There are a myriad of sites for the FlightSim community – see a list here and one well-known that’s been around for a long time is AVSim.com.

Here are a couple of blogs from the Microsoft FS team that are worth keeping an eye on:

  • P-12C Pilot (has an interesting post about adjusting manifold pressure in the racing planes that will be in the expansion pack)
  • PTaylor’s WebLog

Making cards for the festive season

There are a number of articles at Microsoft At Home with ideas for making cards – there is plenty of help to take you through the process step-by-step.
Here are a few sites:

Talking about Nikon Small World – Photo Gallery

 Nikon, the camera people, have announced the winner in their Small World photography contest. Entrants must photograph through a light microscope and the winning entry was of a Muscoid fly (house fly).


You can view all the entries, with details of how the photograph was taken, from the link below.


Nikon Small World – Gallery

How to make a quill pen

This might interest those who have patience, are interested in calligraphy and are handy at making things: