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Internet Explorer 7 – more information

If you’re looking for more info about IE 7 (apart from the tour on IE 7’s homepage), you can read through Paul Thurrott’s review at WinSuperSite. Among other things, he talks about the improved interface and tabbed browsing.

The IE 7 homepage has a link to a features page and you can try IE 7’s much improved printing system by printing out the Quick Reference Sheet which has all the keyboard shortcuts listed (e.g., the middle mouse button comes in handy with tabbed browsing) and how to go about some common tasks.

As well there’s a frequently asked questions page that answers your queries about RSS, tabbed browsing, favorites, and more.

There’s plenty of information for developers and web developers, e.g. a checklist and the IE team blog which has been putting out lots of information over the past 18 months or so. The Internet Explorer Developer Center goes into more detail and has a range of resources, ranging from a readiness toolkit, discussion on cascading style sheet changes to articles detailing what’s new in IE 7.


IE 7 coming this month (October)

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer development team today announced that Internet Explorer 7 will be released this month.

After becoming available for download, it will be released as part of the monthly automatic update process a few weeks later. Users will be asked whether they want to install but Microsoft is urging valid XP users with Service Pack 2 to accept the installation of Internet Explorer 7 as a critical security update.

The Internet Explorer team is making a final plea to those organisations and businesses that are yet to test their applications and web sites against IE 7 to do so now. Microsoft has had a whole range of documentation and readiness kits since last year and the MSDN Internet Explorer Developer centre has lots of advice and information.

For a tour of IE 7’s features, especially its greater emphasis on security, see the Internet Explorer homepage.

Getting ready for Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 7 in its final release will be distributed as part of a monthly Windows XP automatic update (patch Tuesday, as it’s become known as, occurs on the second Tuesday of each month). We’ll all be asked if we want to install IE 7 but Microsoft is strongly recommending that all users do the install because of the much stronger security features in IE 7.

Currently IE 7 is has been released as Release Candidate 1 for more testing by IT professinals, web developers and web masters. Whether there is a Release Candidate 2 depends on whether the IE 7 team are informed of any major bugs or glitches but the features in IE 7 RC1 won’t be changed.

So it’s expected that the final release of IE 7 for the general public could be in October or Novemeber.

Either way, now is a good time to familiarise yourself with some of IE 7’s features. Rushworth Community House has been running IE 7 RC1 on a number of its computers to help users get a feel for tabbed browsing, searching and making sure the sites they visit work properly. The latter includes banking and financial sites in particular – e.g., National Aust Bank still doesn’t recognise IE 7 for online banking (at the time of posting) but everything works ok once the user is past the "not-supported browser page".

An easy way to get started is to take the tour of IE 7’s features by using the tabs on IE 7’s home page. For more info, towards the top of the page is a link, take a tour.

One of IE7’s new features you may take a bit to get used to is tabbed browsing. Basically the idea is to load IE just the one time (by clicking it’s logo from the Quick Launch bar or Start or its desktop icon) and then open new windows for new web sites you want to visit by opening a new tab window for each as required. After a while you’ll get the hang of it as you only need to look across the tabs to see which sites you’re viewing and a click on a tab takes you from one site to another.

Another way to use tabbed browsing is to right-click a link and have the site open on a new tab – the advantage here is that you’re still looking at the current page. E.g., you might be reading through the opening page on ABC News but don’t want to leave this page just yet. So using the right-click on a link/open in a new tab feature, you can open stories you can read later after you’ve skimmed through the main headlines.

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 now available

Internet Explorer 7 beta 3 was released some hours ago and webDotWiz has it installed and running (he took the plunge a few months ago when IE 7 beta preview was available then installed Beta 2 when it was released).

Don’t rush to download and IE7 beta 3 unless you’re prepared to put up with the occasional glitch – mind you, webDotWiz didn’t have any major problems with Beta 2, except for an excessive amount of memory consumed when his Windows Live feeds were open. He’s had his Live feeds page open for some 30 minutes or so and memory is not being consumed as it was in beta 2 so he’s happy thus far.

In Beta 3, some of the icons have been changed and there’s a better way of managing graphics that are larger than the browser windows (gone is that funny icon control introduced in IE6 and replaced with a magnifier). Anyway, you can read about the changes – and catch up on user comments – at the IE Team Blog. Note that there’s a special post about uninstalling any previous beta versions before you install beta 3.

A snazzy new feature is the ability to order your tabs – simply drag and drop and put them in the order you want – neat and effective.