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How we’re creating the web

The other day Don, one of the many Rushworth Community House volunteers, uploaded to the web the seventh video he’s created. Five or six of these videos have been made from photos taken years ago and were found in a box when there was a clean-up day. Until Don decided to spend time to scan these photos, they were hidden away but now everybody on the web can view a history of the early days of Rushworth Community House (visit The House Gallery Live Space or go to Video on MSN and search for rushworth to view these videos).

Another example of user-created web content. Go to Live Search Maps (maps.live.com) and search for Rushworth (remember to click the Locations tab; there’s only one Rushworth in the world so you don’t have to bother to enter AU for the country):


The map will open to display the location of Rushworth so you know where Rushworth is – wow.

Did you notice that Explore collections link?


Click Explore collections and see what happens…


What Live Search Maps has done is bring up Live Maps collections it’s found on the web. These Live Maps collections have been created by ordinary users of the web and made public for sharing.

Now look at the map of Rushworth:


So now we’ve got the locations of various services in Rushworth and any potential visitor has far more information about Rushworth than just where it’s located.

Pan this map down to Whroo and you’ll see that many of the former historic buildings owned by the early families are shown. What’s happened is that Live Maps has found Doris’ Early Families of Whroo Live Maps collection and her content has naturally enhanced a search for the map location of Whroo.

The two examples we’ve looked at above are fairly new ways for users to create content: until a few months ago there weren’t any sites for storing videos online without paying and the Live Maps team hadn’t fully developed Live Maps collections.

However over the past three or four years, the webDotWizards, webDotWizard webmasters and Rushworth Community House volunteers, for example, have had their own Live Spaces web sites where they’ve done some writing but in the main have uploaded thousands of photos to share with family and friends. All this content adds to the web but, most importantly, we’re all able to draw on the expertise of the people who’ve contributed this knowledge.

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More local spaces

A couple more local spaces have been added:


Two new local spaces

There are two more Spaces added to the list of Local Spaces.
PoppyIronBark has just started and will feature plenty of lead lighting creations in the days to come. Watch his Space!
More for completeness’ sake than anything else, there’s now a space for the webDotWizards. This is the group of people who’ve been coming along to the Rushworth Community House on Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings, when it fits in with other things they’re doing, to learn more about getting the most from the Internet. The group has been going for about three and half years and many have benefitted from the time they’ve spent being shown some of the "secrets" of the ‘Net.

A couple of more local spaces

I’ve added two more local spaces, Bill’s Lions and Waranga Hostel Relay for Life.
The Waranga Hostel Relay for Life team would appreciate your support as they raise funds for the upcoming relay in October. Visit their space and add your support.