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Premium and ordinary Hotmail users can now get Mail

webDotWiz has been accepted on one of his other Hotmail accounts – a pay one, taken out a couple of years ago to get the 2Gb and no ads – to trial Windows Live Mail.
Regardless of your type of Hotmail account, you can now apply to try out Mail at ideas.live.com – just enter your Hotmail/Passport account and wait a few days to be accepted.

Talking about And the update to Windows Live Mail is now live

 webDotWiz has been part of those trialling Windows Live Mail (the new Hotmail) for a couple of weeks and was wondering how the team would have Mail cope with lots of entries in the new mail pane and posts in the reading pane that needed more space. The latest update now adds scroll bars according to how long the list of messages is and the size of the message. Just what was needed!


And the update is now live…

  Posted by Imran Qureshi
This afternoon we released the "M4" (Milestone 4) update to all our Windows Live Mail beta users.  You can find out more about the improvements in M4 here
If you are on the beta, you have the update.
If you are not on the beta program, the ONLY way to get added is to get on the waiting list at http://ideas.live.com.  Posting a comment here will NOT get you on the beta any faster.
We have way more people signing up than we expected so it may take a few weeks before you’re added to the beta program.  It’ll be worth the wait though.
-Imran Qureshi
Windows Live Program Manager

Sign up for the Mail beta

The mail beta team are looking for testers to provide feedback on the new mail service under development. Go to http://test.msn.ignia.com/minisites/hotmail/default.aspx?locale=en-us to sign up (you’ll need a Hotmail account or sign up for one).
If you haven’t heard about the new Hotmail, then visit the dev team’s blog.